Avatar: The Path of Water: You’re Wrong About Avatar and Here’s Why

I’m giving you an amnesty. An opportunity to just put aside all the wrong and stupid things you may have said about the James Cameron movie. Avatar It’s been over a decade since the original film’s release.

You have just been hit by a wave of online ridicule directed at the film and have forgotten the majestic experience you had in the summer of 2009/10 when you first entered Pandora’s world.


It wasn’t your fault. The drumming of negativity grew louder and more intense as the snark spawned more snark. You just got into it.

And of course, you said some really stupid things: “It’s just live action.” FernGallyand “For a film that has grossed almost $3 billion, that goes to show that it has no cultural footprint.”

Just put the negativity aside and know that you:


• wrong on both complaints


• going to buy a movie ticket for Avatar: Path of Water and not only will you enjoy it, you’ll probably have such a good time with it that you’ll see it a second time before it’s out of theaters.

• I will be wildly delighted with the purchase of pre-sale tickets for the third Avatar The film will be released next Christmas.


You have been bullying me and my Pandora loving siblings for years, but we want you to have a good time. You are in a safe place. We want you to know the way of water.

Here’s what you need to understand:

Never bet against James Cameron

Avatar writer/director James Cameron has not only directed many of your favorite films of all time (see: Terminator, terminator 2, aliens), but he also made some of the highest-grossing films of all time.


2009 film Avatar is the highest grossing ever with US$2.92 billion. His previous film is the third highest-grossing film of all time. You may have heard of this, a little movie called Titanic (US$2.2 billion).

If anyone has earned your belief that he will give great pleasure to the public, it is Mr. Cameron.


Is it just FernGally?

Have you even seen this movie? I didn’t do it because I was 12 in 1992 when this movie came out.

It’s not that I don’t care about the comparison, it’s that I don’t understand your stupid reference to 30 years ago, which has even less cultural significance than the box office champion who gave us unobtanium, Na’vi, Jake Sally, and intertwined tails that still make us blush.

A quick look at Wikipedia tells me that FernGally Set in an Australian rainforest inhabited by fairies, including Christa, who accidentally reduces a young lumberjack named Zack to fairy size. They then team up to stop the lumberjacks. And yes, okay, it’s a similar plot comparison. But in a world of superhero origin stories every year, where heroes and villains are given miraculous powers due to some sort of lab accident, I agree with two similar movies made 20 years apart.

It’s not like someone stopped watching fast and furious movies just because the first one is blatantly plagiarized Boiling point.

And real talk: strong environmental themes Avatar Movies are much more in demand today than they were in 2009. There is something reassuring about moviegoers from all over the world sitting down to watch a big-budget production that speaks so unabashedly sincerely about positive environmental messages. Now the world needs not subtlety, but action.

Maybe we need to ask this: why are there MORE films like FernGally?

You don’t remember it because you only saw it in the cinema.

Avatar unique in that you had no reason to watch it again after it left the theater.

You may have gone back to the theater a few more times to watch it (such a high box office figure means some of you did), but once you took those 3D glasses off, some of the Pandora magic was lost.

Avatar is currently the only Hollywood movie to properly use 3D filming – all those 3D movies that have come out since Avatar were filmed in 2D and converted to 3D. And you can tell the difference. Recent reissue Avatar in theaters became a reminder of how incredible native 3D can be.

And if you’ve seen the trailer for Avatar: Path of Water on the big screen in 3D? Wow baby, stamp my passport and get out of the way.

These films are not for home viewing. This is a huge budget spectacle created by one of the best cinematographers in complete control of every technical visual trick that will give you a great big screen viewing experience.

watch Avatar home is just a little sh*tty compared to that. No wonder most people haven’t rewatched the movie since it was released.

years AvatarShame will end on December 14th when Australian viewers will once again be transported to the distant lunar planet Pandora, located in the Alpha Centauri star system and/or your local Westfield multiplex.

The audience will put on their glasses and be reminded how wild and transforming the world is. Avatar may be.

When it does, you’ll have a choice: side with the cynical bearded lords of the edge and tsk tsk about the movie, or join the rest of us enjoying a bunch of really tall blue people teaching us all things. water.

See you at the candy bar.

Dan Barrett writes a newsletter about television and streaming, Always look

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