Avatar 2’s Kate Winslet claims Sigourney Weaver broke Tom Cruise’s record on set

Although James Cameron estimated that Kate Winslet had even surpassed the film’s diving instructors, he was quick to note that Sigourney Weaver came “very close” to the time her co-star spent time underwater. Winslet pounced on the matter, pointing out that the 73-year-old Hollywood icon may have overtaken Tom Cruise in time as well.


“People keep talking about you breaking Tom Cruise’s record,” Winslet began, “which people say is about six minutes. How do we know you didn’t actually beat Tom Cruise too?” “Good point!” Cameron was surprised when Winslet stated underneath him that Weaver’s time was “about six-thirty”. – Can we find out? she asked Cameron excitedly.

For her part, the Alien star seemed completely unconcerned about whether she surpassed Cruise’s Mission: Impossible criteria or not. “One of the nice things was that did not have competition…” Weaver said as Cameron and Winslet burst into laughter. “Obviously it was!” Cameron joked.

Winslet went on to briefly talk about her record-breaking underwater experience, stating that the first thing she said after surfacing (after assuming she had died) was “We need to install a radio” – she wanted Cameron to know immediately that she spent more than seven minutes underwater. “Definitely it wasn’t a competition,” she said jokingly.


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