‘Avatar 2’ fans are already up for the sequel Oscar for Best Visual Effects at Castle

It was only from the early reactions to the film that it was clear that James Cameron had another visual spectacle in his hands with Avatar: The Way of the Water. Since the film’s release on the world screen, fans have been unable to contain their admiration for the stunning effects in the film.


On Reddit thread immersed in the movie, fans from all over the world shared their reactions like Redditor u/MrBrightside618 who admitted, “Every time I thought I was numb to the visuals, the next shot was the most photorealistic CGI I’ve ever seen in a movie. This happened at least ten times.” Likewise Redditor you/cbruins22 praised the visuals, saying “The world is so LIVE in every damn scene. Stunningly handsome.” Meanwhile Redditor you/mikefresh recalled: “I remember walking out of the cinema in 2009 thinking CGI had peaked. That they can never do more than that. When they announced Avatar 2, I believed Cameron would make a good film, but I didn’t think they could hit me with the visuals like they did the first time. I was wrong. It’s incredible.”

redditor you/Carlty practically predicted the next logical step for the James Cameron epic by simply stating, “This movie better get better visuals.” And if his current trajectory for the upcoming awards season is anything, it looks like he has a pretty good chance of doing just that.


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