Ashton Kutcher and twin Michael explain strained relationship

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Become real. Ashton Kutcher and his twin brother Michael Kutchertalked about their ups and downs in their first interview together and revealed why they split up earlier.

“Of course, jealousy, at least on my part,” confessed Michael, 44, while watching the upcoming episode. Examination with Dr. David Agnus about why they weren’t close in the past.


It’s a 70’s show The alums, for their part, recalled feeling guilty as his career took off and Michael, who was born with cerebral palsy and had a heart transplant, continued to have health issues.

“How can I be so lucky? And for my brother, who was born with cerebral palsy, then had a heart transplant, and then got this random blood clot,” Ashton, also 44, explained in a teaser video via Entertainment tonight. “These things when you think, ‘Who has to go through this? How can I be so lucky?”

Dude, where’s my car? Star recalled that he had a moment of insight when Michael finally told him how his anxiety was negatively affecting his own progress.



“In all of this, there was a moment when I moved to New York and started to gain momentum in my career, and Mike came to visit me and stay, looked at me and said:“ Every time you feel sorry for me, you make me smaller. Ashton recalled. “He said, ‘This is the only life I’ve ever known, so stop feeling sorry for the only thing I have.’ And that led to a complete shift back to what I think we have today, which is straight to equality. That’s all.”

Ranch alum, who became emotional during a gathering of brothers and sisters with Dr. David Agnuspreviously spoke about Michael’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy in 2003. At the time, Michael was upset that his brother had shared his story with the public.


“I was very angry. Very angry. I remember talking to him about it,” Michael said. Today in May 2021. “I didn’t want to be the face of CP. I never talked about it.”

In retrospect, Michael admitted that Ashton, whom he refers to by his real name Christopher, helped him live his truth by exposing his health issues.

“Chris has done me the biggest favor he’s ever done because he let me be myself,” he told the publication. “I realized that I needed to let go of the shame I felt and become an advocate for people. [with severe disabilities]. I was finally ready to tell my story and knew that with a twin, I would have a lot of reach.”

Ashton, meanwhile, revealed in August that he had been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that left him bedridden and wondered if he could ever walk or see again. Newlyweds the star who told his story in the episode Getaway with Bear Grylls: Challenge, explained that two years prior, he had been battling vasculitis, which “knocked out my vision” and hearing, as well as his balance. Since then, he has made a full recovery.


Examination with Dr. David Agnus It premieres at Paramount+ on Tuesday, December 6th. The last three episodes will air on Monday, December 12th.


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