As the person explains how they keep bumping into “Instagram wannabe models” during the holidays, others share similar experiences.

You should take everything you see on social media with a grain of salt. Heck, you know what? Bring a salt shaker with you!

What some people don’t realize is that taking an impressive photo for your Instagram account when you’re traveling abroad takes a lot of time, not to mention photo editing. A lot of it is staged; Very few photos are taken in this moment. And these extended photo sessions can be a headache for locals as well as other tourists.


Redditor u/creatingastorm Started an interesting thread. After sharing on the r/pettyrevenge subreddit how he kept interrupting wannabe models’ photo shoots during the holidays. Scroll down for their story as well as other Redditors’ similar experiences. Dear pandas, what do you think about this approach? What do you think about social media influencers who monopolize beautiful locations for their photos? Share your thoughts in the comments.

There are few things more annoying than a social media influencer dominating the territory with their long photo shoots

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Well, they are the ones fighting back! One man explained how he interacted with these influencers and models while on vacation.


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The author of the post hit the nail on the head when he said that everyone has a right to be there and take pictures. However, so-called ‘Instagram wannabe models’ “have no more right than anyone else.”

They were actively dominating tourist areas for the sake of their social media photo shoots, which led to a redditor deciding to have some fun and interrupt what they were doing. This post resonated with many people and went viral. At the time of writing, it had 21.8k upvotes, as other redditors shared their similar experiences with abusive influencers.

There are various reasons why people want to take beautiful pictures to post on their social media accounts. Some travel bloggers actually get paid to do this. Others do it because they genuinely enjoy the journey. Others, still, want to impress their fans and gather an even bigger online following. People are social animals and they are liked, respected, and looked up to.

As such, some individuals spend a lot of time perfecting their online personas. However, many people take it to unhealthy extremes. They want to be seen as extremely attractive. But, often, no matter how much attention you get, it’s never enough. So they can take Photoshopping to extremes.

Not long ago, the moderators of the r/Instagramreality subreddit explained. That there is a universal demand to be loved, to be wanted, and to feel that you belong.

“The harsh, terrifying truth of the matter for anyone is that the more you resemble what the people around you find universally attractive, the more likely you are to have access to those things in life, “They told us first.

“So, you start thinking, ‘Okay, what do I need to change about myself to fit in? How can I be more attractive?’ Based on what the magazine covers and many Instagram Explore pages show you, that image is of a tall, long-haired, smooth-skinned, slim but hourglass woman — oh, and don’t forget, The perfect bit. Photo editing apps arrive, giving you the chance to finally become one. Even if it’s just online.

Meanwhile, during another interview, BordPanda spoke with Nuno Albuquerque, head of treatment at the UK Addiction Treatment Group, about social media addiction.

“A person can be addicted to anything, but they are only becoming addicted if whatever they are ‘using’ has taken over their lives, and that They have lost the power of individual choice, meaning they cannot, no matter how much they want to, stop ‘using.’ gives,” he explained to us.

“Even if the person is aware of the negative physical, psychological, or financial consequences, they cannot stop. It is important not to use the word ‘addiction’; if a person is addicted, seek professional help and Need help.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, people tended to spend more time on social media during the lockdown. “Some people have turned to social media to stay connected with others during the lockdown, which is really important and actually a healthy way to do it. A mental health expert told us that where it starts to negatively affect a person is when being on social media completely consumes them, and they are now in their actual ‘offline’ day. Don’t want to stay.

What some people had to say after reading the viral post.

Many netizens shared their photobombing stories.

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