Artist Creates Wonderful Queer Chameleon Comics That Give Better Understanding of Different Identities (26 Photos)

We won’t tell you anything new by saying that we are all human, but every person is unique. Everyone has different aspirations, skills, weaknesses, body types, sexualities, beliefs… Everyone comes from different backgrounds, cultures, speaks different languages, etc. However, a lot of societies today reject the diverse nature of ours. Not only reject it, but establish a standard of “normality” and ignore those who deviate from the line drawn by society.

What the widest audience doesn’t see or don’t want to see is that the line drawn can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. It can change direction, become flashy, blurry or pixelated. TeaSo we need to talk about these things until acceptance is the norm.


Humans are dismissed or misunderstood not only because of their otherworldly, but apparently chameleons as well. Today bored panda Wants to share healthy comics created by Amy Wilson. Being queer herself, she felt the need to represent LGBTQ+ people and thus came up with “Queer Chameleon”. The artist takes the stereotypes about queer people and turns them into funny illustrations that can make you feel strong about drawing your lines.

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