Are HIMYM’s Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris friends in real life?

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According to Neil Patrick Harris, the couple are “lifelong” friends. The 49-year-old actor said this in his recent WIRED interview autocompletein which Harris answers questions derived from the most popular queries on the Internet about him. Looking at the results, starting with “Neil Patrick Harris…”, his friendship with Jason Segel is questioned. Faking chatter for the sake of brevity, Harris calls Siegel a “charming” and “really nice guy” before giving the impression of his co-star’s humble disposition.


Harris continues to cement their friendship, recalling the duo’s penchant for singing duets from the Broadway classic Les Misérables. The pair publicly aired “The Standoff” – the infamous melodramatic and intense musical battle between the show’s criminal hero and his cop adversary – on numerous cases.

For his part, Siegel has spoken little about his relationship with any of his How I Met Your Mother co-stars other than his crucial friendship with his on-screen love interest Alyson Hannigan (via huffington post). Siegel’s banter with Harris on set was documented when they shared a cheeky moment during filming (according to YouTube). It is also worth noting that when Harris was admitted to Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2011, Siegel personally introduced the star along with Dr. Terrible Singing Blog creator Joss Whedon. While they may not see each other as often as they used to, a decade-long working relationship usually doesn’t fall apart overnight.

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