Arcane fans have a pretty dark theory about Powder’s history with Vi

Another redditor, you / joshhamilton235, appropriately described Vai as Powder’s “emotional crutch”, saying, “Vi told her she was finally ready and able to do the job like she was a gang member. and that she wasn’t ready now, it was as if her caretaker was abandoning her just like the rest of the gang wanted her to stay behind when it came to doing important work And thus her problems with the refusal, she suffers a mental breakdown. upset over her belief that her caregiver and emotional support had now left her behind, as Milo and Clagor wanted. Her frustration is the result of what happens when a child with rejection issues feels like they have actually been abandoned.” Indeed, rejection problems can manifest in the same way that Powder reacts when he is thrown.


For most people, having their sister leave them at home wouldn’t lead to a mental breakdown, but for Powder, it was inevitable and understandable. She grew up in a hotbed of trauma, tragically lost her family, and her only remaining blood relative, in her opinion, “dumps” her because he doesn’t think she’s strong enough. The reality is that no abuse was needed on Vi’s part for Powder to end up the way she did – if anything, the fault lies thematically in the inequality and instability experienced in the underground. And as a result, at the end of Arcane, Piltover must deal with the consequences of exploiting Zaun by never helping his underprivileged people.

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