Anya Chalotra thinks The Witcher’s Yennefer would be fun to drink with in real life

AT her interview with The FaceAnya Chalotra was also asked if she would, if given the opportunity, go for a drink with her Witcher persona. Chalotra seems to share some of the fan sentiment, seeing the purple-eyed sorceress as a fun person to hang out with in real life.


In her words: “Yes, I would really! I think she’s pretty damn cool. She would go to Soho, change her wardrobe a little. There would definitely be some faux leather – she’s vegan. survive.” Chalotra clearly admires her character’s strengths, identifying with fantasy’s subtle depiction of women.

Author Andrzej Sapkowski’s take on the character he created seems very similar. He stated in Interview: “When I created the character of Yennefer, I wanted Geralt to fully grow, but then I decided to complicate things. I created a female character who refuses to be a fantasy stereotype. To please the reader.”

Yennefer doesn’t exist to be liked, but she still deserves our respect with her headstrong attitude, captivating charisma and unyielding determination. And that’s why most of us would like to have a drink with a sorceress if given the opportunity.



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