Andy Cohen Asks Nick Cannon About Vasectomy After 12th Child

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Asking what we all want to know. When Nick Cannon appeared on CNN new year live Saturday, December 31, co-host Andy Cohen could not help but ask the father of 12 children about his family plans.

“Nick, you single-handedly populate the earth! I’m giving it to you dude. What is your plan? in Watch What’s Happening Live with Andy Cohen asked the presenter, 54 years old. “What is your endgame with children? Do you just wanna keep going? Or is there a number? Do you want to be in 20? Where are we going with this?”


Cannon, 42, who had five children in 2022, told Cohen he had nothing on his mind.

“Andy, clearly I don’t have a plan!” in wild out the owner laughed. “Honestly, man, there is actually so much joy and excitement that I have a family and I accept and love it, but I don’t have a plan. It should have been clear from the jump.

Andy Cohen Asks Nick Cannon If He Wants More Kids or a Vasectomy After Welcoming 12th Child Inline

Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper and Nick Cannon. CNN

Cohen then asked, “Vasectomy?”


“Is this what you want me to get? This is my body, my choice,” Cannon chuckled.


“Well done, good answer!” Cohen praised.

Co-host Anderson Cooper asked if he had any solutions, and Cannon said he just hopes to be healthy and filled with gratitude in the new year. As a father, he hopes to “act out of love” and has said this is his best advice to other fathers. “Some people might say that’s what brought us here, but that’s what I’ve always done. And always do it with a smile,” he explained.


When Cohen asked how he spent Christmas, Cannon joked that he had become Santa Claus. “I was Saint Nick. human. I traveled on my sleigh around the country, making sure that all the children were happy and full of festive mood, ”he joked.

Cannon often jokes about how fast his family has grown. In June 2022, he teamed up with Ryan Reynolds“Aviation gin” for the preparation of the Vasectomy cocktail. “God knows I need it,” Cannon joked in the video.

The following December, he released a video via Instagram promoting a product called Le Condom. “Happy New Year! Let’s be responsible and protect ourselves from champagne corks in 2023!”


He jokingly mispronounced the condom as “condom” and asked how to open it at all. He tried using several cocktail mixing tools to open the foil bag. He tried to eat the prophylactic before he “realized” that it was clearly for champagne.

“That’s what you need to protect yourself from,” he said, holding a bottle of champagne. “It’s a popper stopper so you won’t break.” He plugged the bottle with a condom to catch the cork.


masked singer the host has welcomed 12 children since 2011. He has twins Monroe and Moroccan, who are 11 years old, with an ex-wife. Mariah Carey. They Abby De La Rosa has twins Zion and Zillion, 18 months old, and a daughter, Beauty Zeppelin, born in November 2022. They Bre Thiesi are the parents of a son, Legendary, born in June 2022. Cannon and Brittany Bell they have three children: son Golden, 5, and daughter Powerful, 2, and daughter Ryze, born in September 2022. The comedian also welcomed daughter Onyx with LaNisha Cole in September 2022. Cannon and Alyssa Scottson Zen died in December 2021 at the age of 5 months due to a brain tumor. In December 2022, their daughter Halo was born.

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