Ana Tuisila Says Going Back to the 80s Is Young Rock’s ‘Most Fun’ Era – Exclusive

From clothes to music to politics 1980s were one of the most memorable eras in history and also proved to be highly influential in Johnson’s life. Over the course of an indelible decade, young Johnson moved from place to place and watched the rise and fall of his famous father, which helped him become who he is today. For Tuisila, going back to the 1980s is “the most interesting thing” in Young Rock.


“This is the beginning of Duane,” she says. “The 80s were more exciting and colorful, and the action was set in Hawaii. So I can relate to that era, because that’s when it first started. I can relate to the 80s, the clothes, the atmosphere in Hawaii. [it was] didn’t film there, I can relate to that. I feel this is the most credible in terms of Lia starting her own business.”

Overall, though, Tuisila is very happy to be part of Young Rock, no matter the decade. “Just being involved in the life and struggle of Dwayne Johnson. [career] because I grew up in [heyday of the] the era of wrestling – to be in this whole production is beyond words. I can’t identify one or two [things]. It was surreal, everything.”

The third season of Young Rock airs Fridays at 8:30 pm ET/PT on NBC. The episodes are then available to stream the next day on Peacock.



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