Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, Freddie’s brother, died of a h*roin overdose, investigators said.

It turned out that ex-husband Amy Winehouse experienced another family tragedy when his younger brother died of a drug overdose.

Freddie Civil, the younger brother of singer Blake Fielder-Civil’s former lover, died on April 26 last year after a h*roin overdose, investigators said.



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The couple got married in 2007


The couple got married in 2007Credit: PA: Press Association.

The jurors were told Freddie, 27, escaped from a psychiatric hospital before checking into a £40 a night bed and breakfast in Leeds, where he injected a lethal dose of dr*gs.

Medics were called to the hotel where Freddie was staying with a friend and found him face down in his underpants and he tragically died at the scene.

Blake attended an inquest at Wakefield Coroner’s Court, who heard that no external injuries were found on Freddie’s body during the autopsy.

The pathologist told jurors that he had “lethal levels of morph*ne” in his system due to the h*roin injection.

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Pathologist Lisa Barker told the court: “This was listed as the lower end of the fatal range.

“It can be experienced by someone who takes h*roin regularly because they develop tolerance, but it could even lead to an overdose of a chronic user.

“It was deadly even for those who used h*roin in the past.”

The inquest learned that Freddie, born in Grantham, Lynx, was admitted to hospital by a judge after being sentenced to HMP Leeds for an unspecified crime.


In the fall of 2018, he was held under the Mental Health Act at Newton Lodge, a high-security unit on the grounds of Fieldhead Hospital in Wakefield, West York.

The jurors were told that he was initially diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but that it was most likely caused by drug use, not a mental disorder.

On the morning of his d*ath, he was escorted to an area of ​​the hotel where patients can do banking, withdrew about £100 in cash and bought a drink from the store.

But on the way back to his wing of the hospital, he eluded the staff member accompanying him and ran out of the ward.

The employee gave chase but was unable to keep up and was immediately reported to the police.


However, later that night, an ambulance team called the police, who found him unconscious in a hotel room.

Detective Constable Charlotte Carroll told the court that Freddie’s friend Dennis Lennon raised the alarm among hotel staff after Freddie injected himself with dr*gs.

The court heard Lennon run down the stairs and told the staff, “Call an ambulance, I think he’s dead.”

When asked what happened, Lennon told the staff, “He overdosed.”

The court learned that Lennon had been arrested and interrogated.


He told the police that he and Freddie bought some beer earlier in the day and agreed to meet later after Freddie had finished shopping.

He was later released as the cops had no reason to believe he was supplying Freddie with dr*gs.

D.C. Carroll told the court that Lennon said he was there to catch up with his old friend and he was concerned that Freddie might be in trouble so he wanted to keep an eye on him.

The court was told that Freddie’s mother Georgette Civil was concerned about Freddie’s care at the ward.

In a statement read in court on her behalf, she said that Freddie had gone from 9th to 17th since his arrest.

And she said he was given only one hour of exercise and activity per day, which was below the NHS recommendation of 25 hours of activity per week.

Her statement read: “Freddie filed a staff abuse complaint and he needed to staff two for one.

“The officers strip-searched him and forced him to do squats when he was naked from the waist down. The staff also called him a p*dophile.

“Freddie was transferred from ward to ward, and this did not increase his stability.

“Freddie suffered from a severe form of eczema as well as alopecia.”

Mrs Civil told the court that Freddie’s detention was due to end in June 2021 and he planned to open a barbershop with her help, as she was a retired barber.

But Dr. Suraj Shenoy, the hospital’s forensic consultant, said Freddie had been “disillusioned” with the hospital for so long.

The doctor said that he thought Freddie was more suitable for drug treatment at home.

He told the court that Freddie “doesn’t trust” a number of the hospital staff and expressed his fear that he would not be released.

Dr. Shenoy told the court that Freddie was transferred to other departments after he was able to buy dr*gs from other patients.

Blake previously admitted that he was the first to give Amy h*roin.

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The Back to Black singer died at the age of just 27 in 2011 from alcohol p*osoning after a highly publicized struggle with alcohol and drug addiction.

The inquiry, which has dragged on for four days, continues.

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