American TV presenter Megyn Kelly criticized Prince Harry’s 60-minute interview

American journalist Megyn Kelly has issued a sharp criticism of Prince Harry because of the latest television interview with the royal family.

The 38-year-old Duke of Sussex sat down with an American 60 minutes ahead of the release of his memoirs Spare January 10th.


During his interview, due to air on Sunday, Harry told CNN host Anderson Cooper that the negative stories about him and his wife Meghan Markle were allegedly planted by public relations teams working for high-ranking members of the royal family.

“Every time I tried to do it privately, there were briefings, leaks and planting stories against me and my wife,” Harry said.

“Family motto: “Never complain, never explain.” But that’s just a slogan. It really doesn’t hold up. There’s endless [complaining and explaining] through leaks.


“They will feed or talk to a correspondent, and that correspondent will get information from the spoon and write the story.


“Then at the end they will say that they have contacted Buckingham Palace for comment. But Buckingham Palace comments on this whole story.

“So when we’ve been told for the past six years that we can’t make a statement to protect you, but you’re doing it for the rest of the family, there comes a point where silence becomes betrayal.”


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During her podcast The Megyn Kelly Showthe former Fox News anchor has responded to Harry’s constant “nagging” about privacy in his interviews.

“Privacy complaint against them [Harry and Meghan] is that they supposedly wanted more privacy,” Kelly said.

“They wanted to be left alone, and then they never stopped doing interviews, never!


“They were handing them out to everyone, so Anderson teased them, saying, ‘Why not just solve it privately?’ and then, of course, Harry likes it, because I’m surrounded by evil villains who leaked everything I said.

A Sky News Australia writer then argued that the Sussexes may still have remained close to the institution, following in the footsteps of other family members who do not hold official positions.


“Obviously they had a way of leaving their royal roles, staying in England and continuing to serve the people of England,” she said.

“There are many members of the royal family who do not work as members of the royal family. They decided to leave in a rage because they wanted attention, because they were jerks, because they wanted $100 million from Netflix and told their story.

“This is really what happened here. It’s not about “oh, we tried to solve this privately, but we couldn’t, so we had no other choice but to disclose these issues.”

“Damn it, they wanted money. They filmed this story with Netflix for months, long before Megxit, so it’s all based on a lie. And now we’re all just helping him keep his whining going.”

Earlier in the segment, the broadcaster mocked the prince as he was finally given the opportunity to tell his story as a working member of the royal family.

“Let’s switch to someone who isn’t a victim but thinks they are, and that’s Prince Harry who is finally telling his story,” she said.

“Finally, he is going to publish this in his autobiography after countless interviews he and his wife have given about their poor life.

“Their castle is too small, I don’t know if you heard. I heard that he was too small, he was treated so badly that he had to duck down when he went through doorways.

“It’s so hard when your castle is too small. He has now given two interviews that are being previewed.”

Harry has given a series of promotional interviews since leaving the royal family.

He was reportedly in talks with several major American broadcasters for further telephonic talks.

Last year, he and Meghan met with talk show host Oprah Winfrey in an explosive conversation.

Then, a month later, Prince Harry went on air on America’s NBC network saying he wanted the Queen to have the “right people” around her to “protect” her.

His documentary aired on Netflix last month. The Duke accused his father, King Charles, of lying during the Megzit crisis talks while the late Queen Elizabeth II sat and listened.

Harry also claimed that his brother William “shouted and yelled” at him at the Sandringham summit after he revealed they wanted to leave the firm.

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