American assemblers helped Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys buy a 1958 Gretsch Chet Atkins guitar

Dan Auerbach is, of course, known to many as the frontman of the beloved blues-infused garage rock band. black keys. And if you’re even slightly familiar with the band, you know they’re gleefully obsessed with creating modern rock hits with a distinctly vintage sound. Auerbach has also apparently explored the world of vintage instruments, as he is visibly thrilled when the American Pickers team enters his studio with a ’58 Gretsch. He even claims, “The Chet Atkins model is probably the most coveted Gretsch model … I’ve never even played it.”


Auerbach clearly intends to change this fact after Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz introduce the instrument. “There’s a difference between guitars that collectors collect and guitars that musicians use,” the rocker notes, adding, “This guitar is a musician’s guitar.” Before closing a deal, Auerbach does his due diligence, carefully inspecting the tool to see if it needs to be replaced or repaired. He does the same for the vintage Fender amp that Wolfe and Fritz supplied with Gretsch.

Once the gang starts sorting through the numbers for the package, there is surprisingly little bidding, with Wolfe opening the bidding with $11,000 and Auerbach countering with $10,000. The last number was enough to make Mike a profit and ensure that Gretsch found a permanent home in Auerbach’s studio. While we can’t say for sure, we’re willing to bet you’ve even heard this vintage beauty on one or two Black Keys albums over the years.


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