Amber Gill ‘confirms romance with soccer player Jen Beatty’ by posting video from Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

‘Love Island’ star Amber Gill has ‘confirmed’ a new romance with soccer player Jen Beatty after sharing a video of her at an Arsenal match.

The reality TV star, 25, has bonded with Arsenal football club star Jen over the past few months after exchanging numerous flirtatious emojis and social media posts.



Amber Gill has confirmed her relationship with Arsenal player Jen Beatty.Credit: TikTok/@amberrosegill
Football star Jen was seen waving the box as Amber cheered her on.


Football star Jen was seen waving the box as Amber cheered her on.Credit: TikTok/@amberrosegill

Amber, who was linked to England star Jack Grealish last year, confirmed she was in a relationship earlier this week after posting a clip on TikTok.

Now it looks like the Geordie star has confirmed the identity of her new partner by posting a video of her in a box at the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal Football Club.

Amber was among the spectators supporting the Arsenal girls as they played Juventus on Wednesday.

Jen also posted a story on Instagram about her waving a box of heart emojis.

According to fans, Amber Gill is leaving Jack Grealish and is dating an Arsenal player.
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Fans were quick to comment on Amber’s clip, one of which wrote, “She’s with Jen Beatty.”

Another wrote, “Jen’s Insta story makes so much sense now, I’m so here for these two.”

A third added: “THIS MUST BE CONFIRMED.”

Earlier this week, Amber shared a video hinting at her new relationship by mimicking an audio recording in which she said, “There’s no chance in this big world that I’ll ever, ever, ever cheat on my girlfriend.”


Fans flooded the comments section congratulating Amber on her new romance, writing, “Amber you have a girlfriend oh my god.”

While others have suggested that Scottish sports star Jen is her new partner, one fan wrote: “Looking for Jen Beatty and Amber Gill.”

No wonder fans are convinced that Amber and Jen are a couple.

The couple have been commenting on each other’s pages since July, when Amber uploaded a TikTok about how she feels when a guy compliments her compared to a girl, to which Jen quickly responded by posting two emojis.

In another TikTok video, Amber’s lip synced to the words, “You can’t just treat me like crap and just… oh f*ck him.”


She captioned her video with the words, “I’m with my favorite ex,” with Jen commenting on a simple smiley emoji.

Meanwhile, Amber shared a number of comments on Jen’s social media, including two heart emojis in a photo of her playing football for Arsenal.

Jen recently shared a photo of herself in her new uniform and Amber said, “Alright content queen.”

Jen responded with a fingernail emoji, adding, “Raaaaaaaaa.”

The Geordie star posted a message on TikTok about being unwell and bored at home alone.


Jen was the first to ask if Amber needed help.

Amber replied, “Yes, please, I’m not well and I need to cuddle. I feel like it can really improve my form,” to which Jen added, “I’m on my way.”

Amber did not respond to a request for comment. Jen and Arsenal have been approached for comment.

Jen recently revealed on TikTok that she confessed to her parents in 2009 that she was a lesbian.

Last year, Amber revealed how open she is to dating women.

She addressed her s*xuality, saying, “Changing teams was the best decision I made in my life. When I look at men, I feel bad. I couldn’t go through it again.”

She also told Magazine Closer: “I’m not 100% into guys. Guys annoyed me when I said all this. [on Twitter] but yes, I’ve dated girls, in the past and recently, that’s great.

“The girls are amazing! Before I had no awareness [about my sexuality] and now I have awareness and it is what it is, I don’t have a type; I like what I like.

“I still date guys, I just say I date whoever I want when I want to date them – it’s not such a big thing and I don’t like to define it.”

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In July 2021, Amber shared a viral TikTok video of a lesbian transforming herself from “feminine” to “masculine” style.

The TV star simply accompanied the video with a heart emoji, leading some fans to speculate that she was attracted to women.

Earlier this week, Amber revealed that she was in a relationship.


Earlier this week, Amber revealed that she was in a relationship.Credit: TikTok/@amberrosegill
Jen and Amber exchanged flirtatious messages on social media.


Jen and Amber exchanged flirtatious messages on social media.1 credit
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Last year, Amber opened up about her s*xuality, saying she was “changing teams.”1 credit

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