Amazon Prime ‘Wheel of Time’ Writers Better Pay Attention to Brandon Sanderson’s Latest Discovery

The Wheel of Time book series was created by Robert Jordan, who died before finishing the last installment. Luckily, he left enough notes for author Brandon Sanderson to complete the final book in the series, which eventually grew into three separate volumes. The last part of the series, “Memory of Light”, was released in 2013. With all this in mind, Sanderson recently took part in Live Stream in honor of the 10th anniversary of the “Memory of Light”.


During the livestream, Sanderson revealed that the scheming character known as Lanfear, who was previously thought by fans to be killed off in “Memory of the Light,” actually survived her death. In fact, Sanderson said that Lanfear not only survived her death, but also used Compulsion manipulate her “killer” Perrin (played by Marcus Rutherford in Amazon’s Wheel of Time) into believing that he successfully killed her.

Sanderson noted that there are several points in the final Wheel of Time books that hint at Lanfear’s ultimate survival. The author also revealed why he believes that Lanfear’s secret plan is a perfect fit for her character, noting that her own insatiable lust for power has led her to perform numerous acts in the Wheel of Time books against both her enemies and her supposed ones. “allies”. Her decisions ended up putting her in a dead end when it came to the book series’ central conflict.

Her only way to avoid death is not only to help ensure the fall of her master, the Dark One, but to convince the forces of Light that she is dead. According to Sanderson, it was this train of thought that led to the formation of Lanfear’s plan.



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