“Am I a jerk for letting a kid eat meat at my party?”

Recently, a confused 39-year-old The woman turned to Ask Reddit. community for advice about an incident at her 10-year-old son’s birthday party.

“He invited 6 of his friends over for a sleepover. I made sure to tell all the parents about the time, date, etc. and also asked about food allergies,” Redditor ChickenSchnitty92 wrote. “One mother replied that her son Alex is a vegetarian. I said no problem, I’ll have vegetarian options for him,” she said.


When the day came, everything went according to plan. Except for the moment when the author came back with more food and saw Alex chomping on the meat chunks.

At that point, she backed off and did nothing because she said she didn’t want to embarrass the child. As you might suspect, Alex’s mom didn’t like it when she heard about his…

A mother wonders if she was wrong to let her 10-year-old son’s friend eat meat for her son’s birthday even though his mother warned him about a vegetarian diet.


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The author added that she made sure the child knew which foods she offered contained meat.

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This is the reaction of people to this whole situation.

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