All the Super Mario Bros. villains we’ll see in the movie

Swoops, or swoopers as they are also called, are bat-like creatures known for their villainous side story that impedes Mario’s progress. These creepy creatures recur in the Mario Bros. franchise and are often seen in places like Boo Castle or any dark and spooky corner. They usually wait until the character approaches them and then fall from the ceiling, making a name for themselves by rushing towards their victims.


In the film, the Swoops are loyal to Bowser. From the trailer, the Swoops can be seen flying to the military base, where the Koop squads, Shy Boys, Piranha Plants, and others are waiting for Bowser’s orders. It will be interesting to see how much or how little they are used in the film, but it’s likely that, like villains on the other hand, they won’t have much, if any, dialogue.

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