Abby Chatfield criticizes Kyle Sandilands for ‘shaming her’

Abby Chatfield criticized Kyle Sandilands for “deeply upsetting” comments he made about her on live television.

27 year old ex Bachelor the star-turned-radio personality criticized the 51-year-old KIIS FM veteran and his interim co-host Brittany Hockley for “s*xist” remarks during their interview with Chatfield’s love interest, American rapper Yung Gravy. The Kyle and Jackie O Show


Gravey, 26, told Sandilands and Hockley that he asked Chatfield out after appearing on her podcast, to which the shock jock replied, “You and everyone else. Line up my friend. Arrangement.”

“We have a date scheduled,” Gravey added, to which Hockley replied, “I have no doubt.”

Taking to her It’s a lot On the podcast, Chatfield said she was “incredibly disappointed to hear Kyle and Brittany shame me on the breakfast radio.”


“I listened to the excerpt because my friend said I was mentioned and found a conversation that is not only s*xist and deeply upsetting, but not even funny? This “joke” that was repeated throughout the interview is the most annoying thing,” said Chatfield.


“The problem I think people like Kyle and Brittany have is that I can talk about s*xuality in a way that isn’t embarrassing and they think it should equal f*cking every single day and have s*x every single day.

“Really, it’s just a shame they have. [about sexuality and sensuality] and so they project it onto me.


“Kyle, you have no idea about my s*xual habits unless you listen to the podcast.

“It’s weird high school sh*t and it’s also like encouraging women to pit themselves against each other.”

Chatfield also mentioned Hockley, the guy Bachelor star, for complicity at the moment.

“At best, I think Britt feels awkward and nervous about being with Kyle and goes along with it,” Chatfield said.


“At worst, she has a strange jealousy and tries to humiliate me.”

This isn’t the first time Chatfield has been critical of Sandilands.


In October she told Daily Telegraph she was “baffled” by how he manages to maintain his highly paid position.

The Masked Singer Australia The judge asked why the radio bosses had not yet reprimanded Sandilands for his controversial on-air comments.

“I have no idea [how Sandilands hasn’t been cancelled]’, Chatfield told the publication.

“I don’t know why they don’t at least reprimand him. I don’t know why advertisers still agree.

“It puzzles me as much as it does everyone else. I don’t know how he can continue.”

Chatfield, who also hosts the Hit Network. Hot nights with Abbyreferred to Sandilands’ controversial comments about monkeypox in August, in which he described the virus as a “big gay disease”.

She later took to Instagram to say she was “concerned” about Sandilands’ reaction to her interview.

“Honestly, I’m not looking forward to what he’s going to say on the radio show or what he’s going to do,” she said.

However, Sandilands addressed Chatfield’s comments a few days later, insisting that there was no ill will and that he “respects” the up-and-coming personality.

“We had her on this show. She is a good child,” Sandilands said at the time.

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