Aaron Carter’s cause of d*ath: Empty prescription pill bottles, compressed air canisters found

New clues are emerging as to what may have contributed to Aaron Carter’s tragic d*ath.

Officers on the scene reportedly found several canisters of compressed air in the singer’s bathroom, where his body was found on Saturday, and in the bedroom of his home in Lancaster, California, law enforcement sources said. TMZ.


The publication also reports that police found vials of prescription dr*gs at the scene.

Abuse of inhalants or inhaling products such as compressed air can cause permanent brain damage, which can lead to permanent neurological deficits. American drug treatment centers.

Carter, who died at the age of 34, first spoke about his penchant for snorting in a 2019 episode. The doctors. He claimed at the time that his late sister Leslie Carter introduced him to the habit. She died of an overdose in 2012 at the age of 25.

“That’s something I’ve kept a secret from the whole world until now,” he shared at the time, noting that he began to get annoyed when he was “about 16.”


Aaron said that he “didn’t really touch him” again until he was “about 23”, right after he competed in Season 9. Dancing with the Stars in 2009.

“I started going to Staples and Office Depot and different places, buying them with cash so that it wouldn’t be reported on receipts or anything like that so that no one could track me,” he admitted. “I snorted because I was stupid and sad as hell, but that’s no excuse. I puffed because I’m a drug addict.”

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It is unclear if Aaron was battling an active addiction to huffing at the time of his d*ath. However, TMZ reported last month that cops came to his home for a welfare check after fans watching his Instagram Live worried he was panting.


Police officers told the publication that neither dr*gs nor any criminal activity were found at the scene.

The message comes just weeks after Aaron signed up for an outpatient rehabilitation program after losing custody of his 11-month-old son Prince, whom he shared with fiancee Melanie Martin, on and off.

He said Sun at a time when, by court order, Melanie’s mother was granted temporary custody of Prince due to problems with domestic violence and drug use.

Of his “abstinence program,” Aaron said it included “group therapy, parenting sessions, and [and] domestic violence classes.

In addition to addiction, Aaron lived with mental illness. As an adult, he was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, and acute anxiety. It is unclear if he was taking any medication for the aforementioned at the time of his d*ath.


Law enforcement sources previously told TMZ that the singer’s housekeeper was the last person to see him alive at 2 a.m. Friday after police arrived to conduct a health check on him. It is not clear who made the request.

The publication reported that Aaron ordered the officers to leave and ordered his housekeeper to leave him alone.

The housekeeper reportedly didn’t see him for the rest of the day and went into his bedroom on Saturday morning to see if he wanted coffee, according to TMZ. In addition, the publication claimed that she allegedly heard his dog outside the door upset, so she went in and found his lifeless body in the bath.

She then desperately called 911 to report a suspected drowning.

This article originally appeared on New York Post and reproduced with permission


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