A wild twist on Prince Harry’s penis talk

Excerpts from Prince Harry’s long-awaited memoir have leaked online, and the man opened up about his penis, but then complained about watching his wife in sex scenes. Hypocrites warning!

I expected a lot from Harry’s book, but didn’t expect him to describe his penis. It is clear that Harry is alive, and now no one will shut him up. Do you know when you’re going through a breakup and suddenly posting sexy photos on Instagram? And everyone is like yes, girl! But are you okay too?


This is what it means to read excerpts from Harry’s book, Spare. He has left the palace and is pretending to live his best life, but it could also be his worst life. I mean, the man stooped to clearing up rumors about his penis. Stories that no one has really discussed since he was born, but I think it would be nice to remember them! (Pun is not intended.)

In the book, Harry writes: “My penis was in the public domain and, indeed, some public curiosity. The press wrote a lot about it. In books and newspapers (even New York Times) about Willy and I being uncircumcised.

“Mom forbade it,” they all said, and although it is absolutely true that the chance of penile frostbite is much higher if you are not circumcised, all these stories were lies. I was circumcised as a child.”


Harry doesn’t stop there. He then proceeds to share the antidote for his penis. I can’t even imagine how the royals will react to this. Of course, Fergie hangs out with a corgi and enjoys a glass of good wine to celebrate the fact that she now looks like an angel by comparison.


Anyway, back to Harry’s penis. So, Prince Harry writes about the time when he was “frostbitten” during a trip to Antarctica before William’s wedding to Kate Middleton.

Harry writes: “The pre-wedding dinner was pleasant, fun, despite the fact that Willy clearly suffered from the standard groom’s nervousness,” he says.


“Treated the company with stories about the (South) Pole. Dad was very interested and sympathetic to the discomfort of my frostbitten ears and cheeks, and it was an effort not to share or tell him about my equally tender penis as well.”

This man is unstoppable! He escaped from the palace, and now no penis story is sacred. It was all a little weird anyway, but maybe the real Harry is someone very cool and laid back, discussing sexuality and body parts.

Wrong! He then decides to write about how upset he was after seeing his wife Meghan Markle’s sex scenes on the hit show. Suits. He made this mistake when they first started dating, and supposedly he hasn’t recovered yet. I think if you’re dating an actress, watching a show she’s on is tantamount to Facebook stalking her and anyone tagged in her photos.

New York Post reports that Harry writes that he made “the mistake of googling and watching some of her love scenes online. I witnessed how she and a colleague on the set tormented each other in some office or conference room. I didn’t need to see these things live.”


He also wrote that he needed “electroshock therapy” to get Markle’s sex scenes out of his mind. Yes, the man who wrote about his penis in his own book is fragile about his wife’s past acting sex life.

What annoys me the most is that men are insecure about their partners’ sexuality, which exists outside of them. You know when you date a guy who seems amazing and then he asks how many sexual partners you’ve had? And then, for some reason, the number you give him bothers him and he pouts?


Or perhaps you’ve had the experience of dating a guy who gets grumpy or insecure whenever you mention any past relationship you’ve ever had, and ultimately it was just downright childish. answer.

Sure, I understand that sex scenes with Markle would be weird to watch, but electroshock therapy? Relax. Yes, he left the royal family and is now very nervous and lives in Los Angeles, but the sex scenes are too complicated for his heart as a little prince. Do you think Markle had to reassure him by reminding him that this was just a sham? Doesn’t he understand that she is a grown woman who even married before him? Honestly, I can’t with this man.

Yes, Prince Harry is free to talk about his penis and write at length about his past relationship with Chelsea Davy and even discuss the loss of his virginity with an older woman outside of the pub. However, does he need shock therapy to stop seeing his wife in a sex scene? To yawn.

I could leave that if he was just a conservative guy, but obviously he’s only conservative when it comes to his wife. It’s just boring and disgusting for a man to act on his wife’s disturbed sexual past as if it’s too much for him. What is this message? Well, not very feminist. I can tell you this for free.

Harry is ready to talk about his penis, but Markle’s sexy acting past annoys him. He looks more like an immature soft-bodied boy than a grown man.

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