A whimsical photoshop family calendar for the year 2023 by me, me, and me

Every month for the past year, I’ve been taking photos of myself dressed up as 4 different members of my family (mom, dad, young daughter, and emo son) and combining them to create a whimsical family photo that Be relevant to this month. I have documented the journey every month on Tik Tok and Instagram and even decided what I should do every month with the help of my followers. Together, this is what we’re made of.

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Feel free to watch behind-the-scenes videos on TikTok or Instagram.

Also, for more of my family content, check out my previous posts – Family Holiday Cards, Family Road Trips, and more holiday cards.

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January – New Year’s Day (Result)


My name is Brian Schiller, I’m a graphic designer, and I’ve been creating Photoshop illustrations of these characters for the past 8 years. Back in 2015, I saw some costume chest hair at the 99-cent store and it sparked the idea for a weird dad character, which later inspired the idea for an entire weird family. . About a month later, I took my first photo, a JCPenney-style family photo, and sent it to my actual family and friends as my holiday card. In addition to my annual holiday card, I have created 2 calendars. One was when I drove from California to Ohio and took a photo in each state I passed, and another was when I took a themed photo for each month of the year.

February – Valentine’s Day


March – Spring Break

The father, Byron, is a strange and goofy boy who always has a dad joke. Mom, Brianda, loves her family and always wants to capture every moment with them. Young daughter, Brinny, is happy and (usually) excited to take a picture with her family. The emo teenage son, Frank, is an outsider to the family and is always angry and doesn’t enjoy anything the family is doing.

April – April showers bring May flowers.

May the 4th be with you.


My favorite member to play dress up as is definitely mom, Brianda. She is quirky and fun and always tries her best, even if she isn’t good at anything. I’ve done a little series with her called Baking with Brynnda where I put her to the test and teach you how to cook. They usually don’t turn out very well, but it’s fun to try!

June – Summer Boating Day


July – Camping Trip

I’m still deciding what I want to do for next year. I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Phineas and Ferb co-creator Dan Poonmire for my October illustration in this year’s calendar. It’s great to have another person in my photos. I would love to do some more collaborations with TikTok creators and celebrities. I think this could make for another fun calendar or just some great photos. I’m also thinking about possibly doing a children’s picture book with The Brynns. I’ll need to figure out a story, but I think this could be a fun avenue to explore. The possibilities are truly endless with them.

August – Birthday Pool Party (my birth month)

September – Renaissance Festival

It took me a whole year to make the calendar. I took a picture each month and asked my followers to give me ideas about what I should do for the next month. I loved interacting and being inspired by them. They helped me come up with ideas I never thought of and I love how it turned out!

Creating these images is not just something I enjoy, but I love the reactions people get when they feel like everyone is me. If it brings a smile to people’s faces, that makes me happy and want to make more!

October – Trick or Treating Feet. Dean Poonmayer

November – Thanksgiving with a picture of fall leaves in the background

December – Skiing

Also, I make holiday cards every year. This is for 2022, Bryans traveled all the way to Colorado to ski.

2021 – Fam decides to soak in the hot tub.

2020 – Have a safe and relaxing holiday filled with lots of happiness!

And here’s to 2019.

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