A mother wonders if she is being unreasonable by asking her partner to stay home and take care of her children while she is sick.

We all know that parenting is a job you can never take a day off from. Even when your kids are on summer vacation, or when it’s your birthday, or when you’re sick with the flu, the role of being a mom or dad must be fulfilled. Co-parenting is usually helpful when it comes to dividing responsibilities, but it only works if both parties are willing to help. And unfortunately, some parents seem more dedicated to their jobs than their children…

Below, you’ll find a story that was recently shared by a desperate mother. Mums Net Asking if it is unreasonable to expect them to take care of their children while their partner is ill. You can also read some of the responses from readers who have left it and decide for yourself how you might have reacted to this troubling situation. Then, if you are interested in reading any more. The article discusses how moms never get a break, check out. This story Next!


This desperate mom wonders if it’s too much to ask her partner to take time off to see her kids while she’s sick.

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Moms are superheroes the way they are can do All of these do, but they shouldn’t It is necessary. They are still human beings who deserve a day off to rest and relax, and should definitely be given a break when they are sick. Being a single parent is even harder, but if you have a partner, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to adjust their schedule to help out when their partner is sick. But apparently, regardless of the circumstances, it’s very common for mothers to get caught up in caring for their children.


According to Atlantic Oceanare mothers 10 times Fathers are more likely to take time off work to care for a sick child. And in this particular case, where a mother, and at least one of her children, is sick, she still becomes responsible for seeing the children herself, or finding someone else to look after them. Now, in some countries, such as the United States, these situations can be even more difficult to navigate because it is highly unlikely that a company will grant parents paid leave to care for their children. I 202147% of working mothers in the US report taking unpaid sick days to care for their children, including 60% of low-income mothers and 75% of mothers who work part-time.

But if the situation happened in the UK, parents may have more rights. “As a working parent you have the right to take reasonable time off to deal with domestic emergencies, including when your child is ill, and to make alternative arrangements for their care. It takes time,” he writes. Trade Union Congress on their site. “About a quarter of working parents exercise this right each year. Talk to your boss as soon as a problem arises, explain the reason for their absence and how long you expect to be away. You Your employer can pay you, but they don’t have to.

They even note that the burden should always be shared between the parents. “Remember that both parents are entitled to time to care for sick children, so it should not be assumed that mothers will give up everything while fathers continue to work as usual. Fathers take care of their children. can request leave from work for

Actually, according to Citizens Advice UKAll workers have the right to take time off to care for anyone, including their children. And Their spouse or partner and unless it is compensable unless it is clear in their contract that it will be, they are entitled to take those days off.

There’s really no reason why this dad couldn’t have prioritized his partner and decided to take a day or two off to see his kids while she was sick. The last thing we ever want to do is make the lives of our loved ones difficult, so you’d expect a dad to jump at the chance to take care of his family. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments below, Panda. Have you ever struggled to take days off to care for your children or spouse, or does your country allow paid days off for these purposes?


Many readers assured the mother that she was reasonable.

Others, however, were less sympathetic and told her to accept that it was just part of being a parent.

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