A Christmas Story The Christmas moments that upset fans the most

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Notably, almost all of Peter Billingsley’s old castmates from the original film return in the film. Scott Schwartz and R. D. Robb return as old buddies Ralphie Flick and Schwartz, respectively. Flick now owns a bar, appropriately named Flick’s Tavern, which Schwartz frequents. Ralphie’s brother Randy (Ian Petrella) also makes a brief appearance. We’ll even see Zach Ward reprise his role as reformed bully Skat Farkus. Now a police officer, Scoot has nothing but respect for Ralphie after he beat him when they were kids. Farkus turned a new leaf a long time ago and achieved something of himself.


Despite all the familiar faces, there are two notable absences. The first is Darren McGavin as the Old Man. McGavin died in 2006, so reprisal was, of course, impossible. Another absence is the original actress who played the role of Ralphie’s mother, Melinda Dillon. Whether she was wiping Ralphie’s mouth with soap or scolding her children for not eating vegetables, Mrs. Parker was the stereotypical matriarch of the era. She was replaced in this sequel by Julie Hagerty, as Dillon had long retired from acting, with her last screen appearance in 2007. However, some fans took offense at the casting. Redditor Nobody Cares 2022 shared, “I didn’t care about choosing Julia Haggerty over my mom. In the original, they portrayed Mom as the loving, funny, smart, and sensible of the family, except for a few scenes. The mother character in this movie was just bad, in my opinion.” But of course it has more to do with how the character was written than with the portrayal of the actress.

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