99 Stupid Things Kids Did That Adults Only Had To Share In This Online Group.

The world would be a dull and boring place without children. And I’m not saying parenting is easy. Ask any mom, dad, or caregiver and they’ll tell you how challenging it is to be one, how much your life changes when you become one, and all of a sudden this little brat. How about someone who still knows very little about anything, really

But all the happy, goofy and silly moments overshadow the struggles of parenthood. Because kids can be funny, hilarious, and cute all at the same time, and when they are, chances are they’ll end up on this fun Reddit community called “Children are stupid.


“Welcome to r/KidsAreStupid, where you can laugh at the stupid things kids do because they don’t know any better,” says the group’s description, and we’re all for it. are!

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