98 Evil Black Friday Marketing Techniques That Businesses Hope People Won’t Notice

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For those who wonder what a world without rules would look like, there’s nothing like a Black Friday bargain hunt to paint the picture. The occasion that is meant to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season is notorious for turning into one of the most drama-filled spectacles of the year. After all, it comes with its own ridiculous situations where outrageous sales drive out already frenzied shoppers who can’t help but take everything to the next level. I mean, who doesn’t love a “door busting” deal?

However, consumers aren’t the only ones who go into Black Friday with an appetite for a steal. Businesses also know the game is on. And they go out of their way to make us believe we’re winning when, in fact, we’re not.


To show you what we mean, on us We’ve collected some of the most outrageous examples of companies manipulating, cheating, and outright cheating consumers with Black Friday deals. From price gouging to less-than-stellar “discounts,” scroll down to see some of the most infuriating attempts by businesses to separate people from their hard-earned money. Be sure to vote for the funniest examples and share your experiences in the comments!

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