97 Most Interesting and Relevant Tweets of the Month (November Edition)

We’re all just winging it and pretending we know what we’re doing, aren’t we? Parenting doesn’t really come with a manual. We might think we’re prepared for everything because we’ve read every book and blog we can get our hands on. But the reality of making a tiny human being a happy and active member of society is very different from pure theory.

It’s challenging in weird ways that are beyond comical when you stop and think for a moment. This is if you have a moment to spare. You know, between cleaning up the mess in your house for the third time today (who threw the Legos again?) and trying to convince your kid to eat something other than dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. (The trick is that the broccoli pieces are like little trees).


Our team here We’ve rounded up the funniest and most relevant tweets parents shared this November. Dear pandas, we hope to make you laugh. Scroll down and upvote the posts you enjoyed the most. Do you have a recent parenting story you’d like to share? You are more than welcome to open up in the comments.

If you’ve enjoyed this list, but feel you still need an extra dose of laughter, check out our latest features on Twitter parenting here: October, September, and August.


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