96 Times Pets were masters of revenge.

They say revenge is best served cold, but it’s also best served by someone who knows us well. And who knows us better than our beloved fur babies?

We love our pets unconditionally and work hard to give them the best lives possible, spoiling them with delicious food, long walks and the most comfortable beds. But like any child who’s been rejected by a sweet or bitter former romantic partner, our pets are capable of retaliating against us. From destroying furniture to going potty where they they know They shouldn’t, we’ve collected some of the coldest examples of animal revenge below, as well as an interview. Dr. Megan E. MaxwellPh.D., Board Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist.


Be sure to upvote photos that you can’t help but laugh at and that feature animals that you think are particularly awesome, and allow this list to serve as a reminder that you A valuable pet is highly capable. small. So the next time Spot begs for a treat or asks you to take him out after midnight, don’t be surprised if he retaliates when you say no. You have been warned…

Then if you are interested in checking out another one. Look no further than the article that explains how intelligent our beloved animals are right here!


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