94 cool and interesting IKEA hacks, as shared by members of this design-savvy online community (new photos)

Grab your Allen wrenches, thinking caps, and emergency supplies of frozen meatballs, dear pandas—we’re going on an adventure.

It’s hard to imagine furniture and interior design without the influence of Swedish home furnishings retailer IKEA, which has become a global phenomenon. The world would be a very different place without his flat-pack, low-cost, self-assembled, minimalist furniture. And while the stuff you can buy there is great, some people like to take it a step further.


Enter, left step: the ‘IKEA Hacks’ subreddit. A popular online community, it unites IKEA lovers from around the world who are passionate about furniture and ‘modding’ furniture to create great looking interiors. Some go the upcycling or repainting route while others combine different IKEA products in unexpected ways. Check out some of the sub’s best recent photos and edit suggestions below.

Once you’ve upvoted your favorite hacks (and shared some of your own!), take a peek. Bor Panda’s First articles about the subreddit here: Part 1 and Part 2 And if you’re an IKEA fan and like the idea behind the subreddit, consider joining – it’s a friendly group.


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