91 Examples of People Being Too Entitled and Abusing Venmo

Despite evidence to the contrary, we still firmly believe that there is hope for humanity. Although we’re not going to lie, it gets pretty hard to believe at times when you’re exposed to so many heart-wrenching stories of privilege on social media.

To show you what we mean, Some of the worst Venmo application stories have scoured the internet. From shamelessly begging people for money (just because they’re bored) and demanding refunds for bad dates from stingy family members who ask you to pay for overstays Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of truly awful behavior.


Scroll down for a peek at what unfiltered seduction looks like, Panda. Have a Venmo or other cash app story to share? Leave comments to warn everyone else. Meanwhile, while you’re scrolling down, try to remember that the majority of people are kind and decent. At least… we hope so.

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