81 Things That Didn’t Stand The Test Of Time And Ended Up In An ‘Old As Milk’ Online Group (New Posts)

Comic books, Porsche 911s, and Vincent Van Gogh paintings are just a few examples of things that have managed to stand the test of time. They have been popular and valued for decades and centuries. However, there are many things that have a very short lifespan. And you can find most of it on the subreddit’As old as milk..’

This online community of over 1 million members offers a humorous look at ideas, opinions and items that were once (somewhat) popular or trendy but are now considered outdated and downright worthless. ‘Age Like Milk’ is like a magnifying glass, revealing changes in popular culture and wider society that we might otherwise miss. It’s a reminder that the world evolves and we need it too.


So keep scrolling to see his latest content and for more, check out our previous posts on the subreddit here and here. Enjoy it or hate it. Sometimes these two actions can be equally addictive and pleasurable.

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