78 Times People Shamed the Most Prettiest and Dirtiest-Looking Recipes on This Popular Online Group (NEW PHOTOS)

If you please open our menu, pandas, you will find that tonight we have a perfect Show off Paella On offer, boiled for months inside an oak barrel in a waterfall cave just off the coast of Antarctica. For appetizers, we have some Arrogant Avocado Toast And Tasteless Tuna Tartare, while ours is special Showy Ostrich Omelette, And would you like to have something to drink with him? Maybe some deconstructed coffee?

Over-complexity and pretentiousness in the kitchen doesn’t always mean good-tasting or delicious food. Sometimes, simplicity is best. And plates exist for a reason. these are the lessons r/stupid food Teach us The subreddit puts the most pretentious and arrogant dishes to shame to ever leave a restaurant kitchen, and the gastronomic journey is utterly delightful. Dear readers, we bring back some of their most spectacular food photos for you to taste and sample. Don’t forget to upvote the photos that stunned you with how great (and unnecessarily!)


redditor u/clackpot, said the founder of r/StupidFood bored panda They hired some new moderators since September due to the “increasing workload”. He also revealed that he had the busiest day ever on the subreddit. “/r/StupidFood came into existence to ridicule what already existed, the silly notion that it’s inherently good to be different or innovate when it clearly isn’t – good distinctions to make it worthwhile and Good innovation is needed.” You’ll find my full interview with the founder below, so be sure to scroll down.

I had a lovely chat about fancy food and how we can fill it all up with pie artists, food experts, and talented bakers. Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, who recently published his new book, ‘Pies Are Awesome: The Definitive Pie Art Book.’ Jessica told Bored Panda that whether or not we should call the cooks depends on the severity of their gastronomic ‘crimes’. “If your lettuce was a little wilted because they spent so much time arranging it artfully, or your ice cream melted a bit by the time they added all the fancy toppings, keep the reaction constructive,” she said. “If their ‘Reverse Spherification Shrimp Balls with Oyster Foam’ has given you food poisoning, feel free to let them eat it!” Scroll down for Jessica’s awesome insights about food, pandas too.

This isn’t the first time Bored Panda has made headlines on r/StupidFood. When you’ve eaten this list, you can read our previous in-depth analysis of the online community and the culture of kitchen arrogance. right here,



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