77 New Entertaining Comics About Mental Health By “Dinos & Comics”

The behavior of dinosaurs has been shrouded in mystery for millions of years. But, judging by these comics, which are simply called “dinos and comics”, they are a lot more mentally mature and less cold-blooded than you might think! There is much to be learned from the conversations and thoughts of these reptiles: they observe the absurdities and contradictions of mental illness, share their feelings openly, and last but not least, they know how to a- The other is to comfort and inspire positive emotions. Comic unintentionally you wish this type of mentally developed dinosaur lived to this day, because we need them more than ever. But in a sense they are here, and with us, sharing nuggets of wisdom through some of the comic panels that this wonderful collective has created. Without further ado, forget about your problems for a moment, and immerse yourself in something the creators call “dino therapy.” Enjoy!

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