74 Times People Get Plates and Glasses Instead of These Disasters (New Image)

We want plates, god damn it. And we want them now! Some fancy (and cheesy) restaurants get to a point where they are too creative, pretentious and ostentatious for their own good. Instead of serving food in the usual way—you know, on plates, in glasses, whatever you’d expect—they opt for something mind-blowingly weird. Think pudding on VHS tapes. Think salad on a literal pillow. Think dessert on flip-flops. And this is only the tip of the iceberg (lettuce).

The brainchild of professional photographer Ross McGuinness r/WeWantPlates subreddit There is a 900k-strong online community that ‘crusades’ against this type of food obsession. And we’ve rounded up some of the best new pics that their members are too shy to share with you, dear pandas. Scroll down to check out the worst offenders, vote for the dishes you hate being served the most, and check out. of Interview with the friendly moderator team that runs the entire sub.


After you’ve thoroughly enjoyed this list of gastronomic abominations, we invite you to check out’s recent articles on the ‘We Want Plates’ community for dessert here, here, and here. are If you enjoy their content, check out their social media. They even Published a book! Bon appetit.

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