51 historical photos to expand your mind, as shared on this Twitter page.

If we do not have a solid grasp of history, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes that mankind has made over and over again. But learning about the past is more than just rummaging through thick, dusty volumes. Seeing a quality photo from a specific event or time period can help you understand the environment in a way that mere words cannot on their own. A picture really can be worth a thousand words.

Although historical photographs may be (mostly) black and white, we should not ignore the nuances and shades of gray that may come our way. The past is a very strange place, filled with joy, despair, and change for the worse as well as for the better.


gave ‘Historic Pictures’ Twitter page Social media users around the world are sharing powerful and inspiring images from the past in hopes of educating and entertaining. Today, we’re featuring some of the top photos the account has posted in its feed. Vote up the ones that really surprised you, Pandas, and tell us how they made you feel.

Meanwhile, scroll down for of Interview with American professional photographer Dominic Saberna about historic photos.

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