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COVID has endangered not only our bodies but also our minds. But due to the lack of data, it is very difficult to determine the increase in cases of depression and anxiety. Despite these differences, however, one team is largely based at the University of Queensland in Australia. Have tried Estimate for 2020, and the numbers are catastrophic.

If the epidemic had not occurred, the model used by the researchers suggested that there would have been 193 million cases of major depressive disorder worldwide, with an estimated 246 million cases, an increase of 28%, or 53%. Million cases increased. For anxiety disorders, the number of cases was expected to be 298 million, but there may have been 374 million cases – an increase of 26%, representing an additional 76 million cases.


According to the medical psychologist Seth J. Glehan, Ph.D.Anxiety can come from any situation that we care about when the outcome is uncertain. Common sources include our health, relationships, finances, work, time pressures, and social conditions, with others, “the creator said. CBT deck for anxiety, rumors and anxietyThe board told Panda, a set of cards that helps people find balance and focus on the things they like.

“Anxiety is the way our mind and body get our attention and tells us to pay attention to something important. Unfortunately, anxiety is often an unpleasant and unpleasant experience because it can be very painful and overwhelming. “


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