45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work

I remember working as a security guard for a hospital. I watched certificate of need patients. These were patients from our local asylum who were completely out of their mind. I did my third shift ever for that company watching a guy who had picked up some pencils and stabbed a worker with it a couple times before turning a fresh one on himself and stabbing his own stomach six times. I took the third shift 7pm to 7am.

All I did was sit in the hallway outside his door in a mostly dead wing of the ICU. I maybe saw one person an hour. It was just me in a chair in the middle of a dead hallway for 12 hours of the night. I’m freshly 18 at this point and had little experience with anything like this. I made it to about 3am before passing out in my chair outside his door. I was awoken by the guy I was watching himself. He had broken his own wrist to slip out of the handcuffs keeping him on the bed. He ripped his catheter and I.V. out. He tapped me on my shoulder to wake me up. I turned and looked at this man who was completely naked and bleeding from two places holding his wrist and he just said “I need to pee”


I decided to try and play it off like everything was normal as to not escalate the situation. I walked him to the bathroom and immediately called my CO while he was inside. My CO got there before he got out and we used restraints to put him back on the bed. Nurses came back in and set him back up. My CO, not knowing that i fell asleep, said I did the right thing and that I’d do great at the job. He said he needed more people like me who didn’t panic in situations like that and make things worse. I thanked him and then left at 7am…. I never came back to do another shift for that security company. I’m so lucky he didn’t use his I.V. to stab me in the neck while I was sleeping.

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work I worked 4pm to midnight at a mill in a small town. Very physical work so there were way more men than women…. One night there was a guy from the department connected to mine who would stand in the doorway closest to my machine and just watch. After a few nights of this happening I told my manager. The guy didn’t watch me for about a week and then I noticed he would frequently walk by or linger by other machines. I would do my best to ignore him and stay aware of my surroundings. Well after a month of asking for management to do something about and them not this guy approached me and asked me for a ride home. I told him no and asked him to stop coming near my job bc he was making me uncomfortable. A coworker would walk me to my car each night just to be safe and wouldn’t ya know that same guy was leaning up against my vehicle. He walked away when he saw my coworker with me. A few days later this happened again when I was alone (coworker wasn’t there) so I walked back in the building to find someone to walk with me. The next day while at the local grocery store this man pulls up behind me and blocks me in. I lock my doors and rolled my windows up. My vehicle is 2003 so no electric windows or locks. My 2 kids were with me so I grabbed my work scissors from my console and he came to my window claiming someonthing was wrong with the back of my vehicle and I needed to get out to see it. I told him no and to leave and started honking my horn to draw attention. Then he left.

Fast forward two weeks, the creepy man was arrested for kidnapping, assaulting and torturing a woman from the next town over. Him and his brother were caught and arrested. They held her for 3 weeks before they were caught

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work I worked at a bank. We were giving kids a tour. One of the parents was in the lobby and played a “prank” on me. He passed me a note and pretended he was robbing me.

I hadn’t seen him before he did this, and for about 10-15 seconds I thought we were being robbed with a boatload of children behind the counter.

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work Was working for the day in a government building I hadn’t visited before. Our company had one floor in it that I was told was the last floor in use. The company were planning to vacate at the end of the year. At lunchtime I decided to explore and got off the elevator on a random floor. It was an open plan office. All the desks still had work on them and a large table still had the remains of a party. Paper plates and food. A lot of the desks had slices of cake sat on them untouched. A party banner was still up that said CONGRATULATIONS. One office was open and the walls were covered with X-ray slides of different people. Every surface covered with more on the floor. To my untrained eye they all seemed to have large shadows growing in them. Weird. This was years before social media or camera phones so I had another quick look around and got back in the elevator. When the doors opened on my floor I was met by an armed police officer (this was London and seeing an armed cop was very rare)who asked me why I’d been on the other floor. I told him I was just curious and on my lunch break and he warned me that I was only allowed access to this floor and to not break protocol again. No one in the office I was visiting knew anything about it. No one had ever seen police there or ever explored the other floors.

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work S*xually harassed and ultimately fired after complaining. I was a 16 year old high school student (and male). This was in 96-97 and no one cared until I told my mom and she told me it was s*xual harassment. I now know why women keep that stuff secret. The shame and embarrassment I felt was insane. Thanks for helping me, mom!

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work I worked gy in a hospital pharmacy…and it was just me and one other running it for the hospital and we’d like to turn off like 80% of the lights because hospital lights are offending to the eyes especially during hours your body normally would want to sleep… well I came into the pharmacy after delivering something and I saw my coworker in the medication pick area… which was enclosed and only had one way in or out.. and I was talking to him about something that had happened on the floor literally seeing him like look at the medications as I was talking but then my coworker goes “What?” And he poked his head out from all the way in the back of the pharmacy… and I looked back and there wasn’t anyone in the med pick area.. I 100% saw someone standing there and talked to them for a few min… the pharmacy was located in the basement… along with the morgue… and it’s locked.. only pharmacy employees have access to the hospital pharmacy… not even security has access…. Scariest experience I have had… I told a coworker about it when morning shift came in and she told me a week prior her water bottle started moving from a dead standstill.

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work I was living and working at a commune, a farm and restaurant in one.
I had been there for quite some time, and the owner started insinuating that I was castrated,
and that the whole world was some kind of sect that functions around prostitution.
He also started hinting towards cannibalism at this place, and that human meat was to be compared to pork…
There was “someone” of his “acquaintances” that, during one of the dinners, started talking about how “traditionally” pigs are castrated because of how the testosterone made the meat taste “bad”.
They also kept on talking about guns, and they kept bringing guns around to the area.

I did not feel safe there.

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14 years or so ago… A newer temp employee made a foolish mistake and mildly injured himself while damaging property. He got fired. He showed up the next day with a rifle and went berserk. One shot was fired, nobody was injured. Police arrived, he surrendered. I was in my office when it happened and had no clue what was going on. I didn’t find out until I was walking down one of the halls and noticed everyone was giving “finger guns” and laughing it up. I inquired. Everyone moved on pretty quickly from the incident.


20 years ago, a regular customer arrived, as usual, on a Saturday morning. He was an older guy, maybe in his late 70s, early 80’s. He handed my coworker and I a box and said “they wouldn’t accept this at church donation, so you can have it.” He then left. We looked in the box. It was all Disney movie sleeves, but the VHS tapes had hand-written titles with dirty wordplay playing off the original title. My coworker took it home for “sampling.” He came back the next day, horrified, and told me what it was. It was Nope-territory, bad. He said he burned every tape. Probably should have handed it over to the police but he was too scared to be implicated. We never saw that customer again. Yes, this happened.

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work There was a dude I was supposed to meet up with from fetlife. Years ago.

*Spoiler; f**k that site*

I got real creepy bad vibes from just his texts, so I said no two days before he was going to be in town. He was p*ssed.

Took on a shift that night at a store I worked at and during the whole day he sent me texts trying to convince me to meet up with him.

He texts me, “Wow you look really great in that orange dress!!”

I never told him where I worked. Never even saw him because I was working.

I called him out on it and threatened to have security called on him if he got any closer.

Then tried to convince me to meet him at a local WALMART where he was hanging out with his little NEPHEW for a few hours because he didn’t have a car and his brother drove him!!

So many red flags!! Never agreed to ANY of this.

Had security walk me to my car after my shift. Never saw him again (that I know of).

Blocked him after I drove home with countless ridiculous detours.

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work When I was about 22 (F) I worked at a group home for developmentally disabled individuals. The house manager was a man named Mark. Mark had some kind of god complex. He was mad that I had my time off to visit family in Oregon approved by the main office – he didn’t want to find someone to cover. He had weeks to plan. He told me I couldn’t go. I told him the time was approved and I WAS going to go.

He wordlessly picked me up and slung me over his shoulder like a rag doll, walked quickly to a client’s bedroom, and slammed me down on the bed. He stared into my face for a few seconds, then got up and left the house.

Worst part? I never told any higher ups, and only told my boyfriend years later after it was far, far too late. Why? I still wonder why.

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work I work for a tv/internet company and we had a guy who would say that he would only allow women technicians in his house. At the time, we had very few working in my area and we certainly weren’t going to send one out anyways. We did have a manager tech who was a woman who called him and said “sure. I’ll be right out.” (She’s tough in general) Still wasn’t leaving anything up to chance, so I rode out with her as her “trainee” for that job. He was none too happy.

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work When I was 15 I worked in retail and an older man (probably 40s) was following me around sizing me up. I seriously did laps around the store just to see if he really was following. Eventually fed up I said (politely) “can I help you with something”, and he said “maybe. What time do you get off work?” I laughed thinking it was a joke and just dead stared at me, “what time do you get off? Will it be dark?” I told him it’s none of his business and he said “well you want to help me don’t you?” And he wrapped his arm around my waist. My co-worker, a man around his age, saw what was happening and “assaulted” the dude, punched him in the face and swore him out of the store. He wrote the guys license plate down and said he didn’t hear the conversation but I looked scared, and he asked if I wanted the cops called. I was freaked out and didn’t want to acknowledge it even happened so I said no. Regret that every day. Who knows how many people he did that to after

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work About a year ago I was at work, it was early, like 5AM and we were setting up to open. There was a new maintenance guy going around, changing empty trash bags, mopping random spots that didn’t need it. After a couple hours the police showed and arrested him. He had m*rdered 2 people in the middle of the night was thought he could dodge arrest by pretending to be a maintenance cleaner.

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work I worked at Home Depot and a guy came in looking frantic and desperately asking us how to get a LOT of blood out of concrete. Took him a bit, but he finally explained that he did not in fact m*rder someone. He was a contractor working on a house nearby and one of his guys had tried to rip a 2×4 down the middle and had instead ripped his hand and a good portion of his lower arm down the middle. The guy was carted off to the hospital and the contractor was desperate to get it all cleaned up before the homeowner got back.

There were pictures, both of the guy’s arm and the general carnage of the scene.

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work So I work for a company on the second floor of the building. There’s an elevator in the lobby, but you can’t get to the second floor without a code. There’s a Ring camera & guests can buzz up to the receptionist to be let in.

One day, the receptionist goes out for lunch & she asks me to watch the Ring for her while I’m out. I say okay.

During my watch, the Ring goes off. I answer & it’s a gentleman in his mid-30s. I ask him how I can help. He asks if he can speak to someone in management. I ask what about – he mentions he has a complaint about one of the stores our company owns.

Rewind to a few days earlier, I happen to have spoken earlier in the week to that store’s manager who told me a story of a guy they had to kick out for being creepy around kids… I won’t go into detail, but I’ll just say what he was doing was technically legal, but still very creepy. Anyway, I’m curious about the guy so I do a little sleuthing, figure out who the guy is, and look him up on social media.

Back to the visitor downstairs at my office: it’s the same creepy guy – I just happened to recognize him since I’m a nosy SOB. I stall for time, telling him I’m locating the appropriate management to meet with him, and while I’m watching him on the Ring, he turns just right so I can see that he’s got a gun of some sort tucked in his waistband. I call 911. Cops arrive immediately. He does have a concealed carry permit, but we do have a “no firearm” sign posted out front, and the cops ask him what he’s doing bringing a gun to an office building.

In the end, they sent him on his way and nothing really happened, but it makes me wonder what would’ve happened if I hadn’t been answering the Ring that day.

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work I’m a realtor and showed a creepy old 19th century Victorian home (think the Addam’s Family house) on Halloween night. It was one building but originally two units which had since been conjoined so it was a real maze. Multiple kitchens and living rooms, easy to get turned around. It was a foreclosure with no power so we only had our phones to light the way.

Foreclosures always have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors chirping away due to low batteries. But this house had ones that said “low battery” in a mechanical voice. But the battery was so low it came out like “llllooooowwww baaaaaattttteeeerrryyy” in a dying robot voice.

So there we were, three of us on Halloween night inside a dark home that’s creepy at noon in July getting all turned around then somewhere we hear “llllooooowwww baaaaaattttteeeerrryyy.” Man we f****d out of their quick.

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work There was a dad from my son’s school who found out where I worked, what car was mine and that I was going through a divorce. He asked me out and I said no. After I said no, (I said no and gave absolutely no hope for any future dates/conversation/contact. I said NO) he started showing up at my job to see me and cornering me so I couldn’t get away. A couple work friends would see him coming and send me off to the staff room to get me away from him. He left flowers on my car while I was at work. I was incredibly creeped out and a single mom with young children. I got a guy from work to stay by my side as often as he could and after awhile of seeing work guy around me, stalker guy started to leave me alone.

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work I work for a school.

3 active shooters response events. Only one turned out to be an actual immediate threat and the guy was arrested before anything bad happened.

But the atmosphere was rather eery. The campus was deserted with the exception of a couple dozen cops in full gear looking for the suspect and helicopters overhead.

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work This doesn’t really compare to most, but I’m from and lived all my life in TX. I moved to Boca Raton, FL for a year to get clean when I was 18. I was working at an assistant manager at a party city. Some Karen New Yorker reached across the counter and grabbed my shirt and pulled me forward because she was p*ssed off about something and she “wanted to see my name tag.” I could not believe it. Nobody would do that from where I was from and not expect trouble. When the shock wore off, I calmly told her to get her hands off me or I would beat her unconscious. She looked at me like I had ten heads.

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One day I was tired and fell asleep on my desk at work. The next day I got a picture of me sleeping and a text from an unknown number to leave a $50 under my desk or they will send the picture to HR.

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I had a man come in for an interview who was obviously in the middle of an intense episode (either dissociative or psychotic I’d say). He was talking out loud with no-one else in the office, got the date wrong by two years, didn’t know what city he was in. He looked very disheveled. He also admitted to being very edgy and was close to snapping at me at one point.

I felt very sad for him, but also unsafe at that moment. I know how debilitating mental issues can be. My supervisor didn’t help me at all: she let me stay with him and handle it all on my own. She didn’t call anyone to help or warn emergency services. She just said we weren’t going to deal with the problem and there were no measures in place to deal with those situations anyways, they just happened sometimes and you waited for them to be over.

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I worked stocking cheese and deli meat at a grocery store. Not the worst job I’ve ever had. I was stocking and this older woman, prob sixty, walks by and says “I love my men on their knees.” And just kept walking.

She was a cashier, on the clock. Imagine if the situation was flipped and I said that to her? I was honestly so shocked at the entire situation that I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t bring it up with my boss right away so I figured no one would believe me over a kind older gal who worked upfront and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Situation still gives me pause sometimes as I still work in retail. People have little aversion to inappropriate touching I’ve found. Why anyone in public would try to touch a stranger without their consent is just weird to me but…it happens a lot.

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45 People Share The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things That Have Happened To Them At Work I had a customer who told me he wanted go pay me to be his date for new year’s. Then he chased me down the road in his car (we were both driving)

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Older male customer slid his hand down my back and squeezed my butt when I was answering one of his questions (I was a minor at the time). Then started talking about how women are servants to him. His wife was two aisles down from us. He read my name tag and always asks for me whenever he comes in.

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I’d get random bouquets of flowers sent to me at work and I later found out it was from a dude from tinder who was stalking me.

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I was doing the trash at my previous job. i worked at a gas station in a little town. some random dude started flirting with me and creeped around the outside of the store until my shift was up and followed me home because at the time i had to walk to and from work. this was at 11 pm too.

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I worked at a maker space. I greeted people as they came in, people told me about their projects, and I tried to help them make their dreams come true. This guy comes in and starts telling me about his project, then says, “I have it in my car can you come take a look?” So I oblige. We go to his car and there’s a dead dog in his car. He then tells me there’s no project and he actually just needs money to bury his dead dog. I ripped into that dude for luring me away from work then ambushing me with a dead f*****g dog. I was so disturbed. Imagine if he was trying to do something more nefarious. Anyway I learned that day to never let people take you to a second location. They gotta bring their projects inside

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I’m on the scene of a house fire with a girl that’s like 5ish years older then me. The whole time I’m getting orders from my captain she’s giving me the “take me eyes.” I get placed on crowd control until hose lines are set up. That whole time this women WHO’S HOUSE IS BURNING is flirting with me saying things like “Can you put out that fire for me big strong fire man” Jesus I was so creeped out. I told my captain who took scene command that we might want to call police down for a drug test on her and I asked him to keep me as far from her as possible.

Police actually came and tested her. She was clean. Nope! NOPE! I’m out. This girl flirted with me while her house burnt and she is 5 years older then me.

Next day I’m on station duty mostly just chores and EMS calls and guess who shows up that lady. She is just staring at me while I organize the trucks a bit better. I ended up calling my chief to ask her to switch shifts with me due to the lady. After I left she followed me home then when I went back on duty she got arrested when one of my fellow firefighters asked her to back off for me and she hit him. Lots of paper work to say the least

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A loud, boisterous man often came into the Whole Foods I used to work at, requesting only I make his sandwich the way he likes it. Overtime his interactions with me got creepier. He would film me, call me his little Filipina sandwich lady, flirt nonstop with me, even as my boyfriend worked right next to me. He was extremely aggressive and rude to everyone except me. I tried to tell my supervisor but she brushed it aside, got security to like….stand there lazily for a day but that’s it. I finally lost him when I quit.

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Work at Taco Bell closing shift. My store manager was forced to close that night since a person no-called no-showed. She’s tired and clocks out a tad early (she opens as well so no big deal). A few seconds later I give a doordash driver a meal and then I hear: pop, pop, pop. The driver then goes. “Those be gunshots.” In a rather worried voice. I turn around and there’s a cop car quickly getting into a shootout with a speeding car. No idea what happened. But my store manager almost crashed into the speeding criminal car.

Goopgoblin Report

Got sent a 12 page essay with someone confessing their love for me and how they liked XYZ that I wore on XYZ day.. turns out it was an ex boyfriend from 9th grade!!!!!!!!!! I was in 9th grade in 2011 it was very disturbing

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Working in some bad neighborhoods at a previous job and while speaking with a crew foreman heard gunfire break out. Happened fairly often so we just casually sat down behind the equipment and kept chatting until the offending vehicle drove off. I looked up and asked if everyone was ok and saw a young girl (10-12 I’m guessing) laying on the ground with her mother staring in shock. The girl had been hit with 3 rounds so I grabbed my trauma kit and went to work while the foreman called 911. She took a hit to the femoral artery so I applied a tourniquet, one graze on her arm and one to the lung so she had a sucking chest wound. I applied chest seals and just kept talking to her as calmly and casually as I could while another crewman talked to her mother. The look in her eye of fear and confusion has really stuck with me, I hope she made it but I’ve honestly been too afraid to follow up in case she didn’t.

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Some random guy thinking it’s ok to grab my arm to look at my tattoo. Don’t f*****g touch a stranger like that.

sgautier Report

My boss decided I was his higher power and began stalking me. After he showed up at my home at 3 am(this was after I was very clear about his behavior) and got seriously scary, I quit and moved across the country. This was before cell phones so the stalking was following me in person.

trishsf Report

Around 1974, was working the night shift at Western Electric (pre AT&T) on a military project, using computer graphic stations, (8 of them in the room). It was an air conditioned room, raised floor with lots of huge cables underneath, with the server and tape storage next to it. Lots of power needed. We had a thunderstorm roll into the area, and if there was a power flicker, everything would shut down. Most of the people in the computer room had left the room during the worst part of the storm, and I was getting up to leave, when we had a huge lightning strike nearby and we lost power. At the same time, emergency power lights came on, and we heard a popping sound coming from one end of the room. Looking at where the noise came from, a ball of lightning about the size of a basketball rolled slowly across the coom from one power outlet to the other at both ends of the room. It went at walking speed and was a popping sizzling sound. We froze, and when it disappeared, we quickly left the room.

kayak64 Report

I used to work at a photography studio. Had parents spank their kids for not smiling in the middle of our photo shoot. Had a mother put her finger over her soda straw so that she could lift it out and drip cola into her newborn’s mouth. Had a woman straight up slap her teenager while sitting next to me.

I worked there for almost a year and I can only think of two families who were happy.

Symnestra Report

Used to work at a pet shop many years ago. One morning as I’m walking through the carpark to get to the store, I see this giant Akita just chilling in the carpark with its owner. I slowed down a bit to talk to it as I passed, but he immediately let out a warning growl so I quickly moved on. I mention it to my shift manager as I’m clocking in, and she goes “yeah, that guy was in here with it yesterday. It was getting really aggressive and I eventually got him to leave, but he obviously decided to come back.” A couple of days after this at my next shift, I found out that the dude brought his dog back the next day, and things got so out of control that the dog ended up biting another customer who had to go to hospital and ended up needing 13 stitches. That so could have easily been me. Scary stuff.

Silent-Zebra Report

Was working at a nursing home from 10:30pm to 7:00am.
Had a pager incase an apartment needed any assistance. My boss had actually left lil ol me for the weekend.

I got paged by a closet that didn’t even have a ringer to shut off, so it paged me every 15 minutes through out the night.
Got to the second floor & all the hallway doors (4) simultaneously opened wide & the apartment buzzer intercom turned on with just static.

I freaked out, pulled snapchat up & recorded the doors closing. Jumped in a discord call with my bf & 2 friends, explained the situation, sent them the video, took a pic of my pager, then recorded myself going to that exact door, opening it, just for it to be a closet. I searched for that stupid emergency system switch but nothing was there! Mustered up the courage to clean the rest of the building, went off to the caf, turned on the lights and stayed there unless I was paged.

That morning i asked the nurses why i was getting paged by [Door #] & they were confused, they knew it was a closet, they told me I must have been wrong & guess what buzzed my pager ? They found it very odd, reset the whole pager system. I went home & that s**t gives me the chills.
I don’t believe in that stuff, but it didnt make it any less scary lol

MamaTanukito Report

2 guys over at Saint Rosh Technoglass where both moving a large glass window sheet by hand because it was to big for the crane.

Than it snapped one guy managed to throw the part he was holding away from him self the other guy got the bigger part and could not hold it and dropped it slicing his body and right arm from his right shoulder down to his left hip.

I could literally see his hearth beat in the blood that was pulsing out of him

Cyb0-K4T-77 Report

I used to work in a building that had a landline phone network installed. It was quite old and had been installed before the company I worked for moved into the building if I remember right.

Sometimes, for no reason, you would hear a woman’s voice coming from the phone system, saying “help” in a calm voice. You could hear it all over the building; I’m still not sure where it came from, but according to my boss, it was some kind of bug in the system. No one ever figured out what the trigger for it was or why it was happening. Most of the time it didn’t bother me that much, but once I was at work late with one other person and the voice in the phone wouldn’t stop saying “help,” so we both noped out of there as fast as we could. Not super creepy, but definitely a little uncomfortable.

AccomplishedNet4235 Report

I’m a massage therapist, there are a ton of clients that make inappropriate comments or request, usually I just tell them no/ that’s not appropriate. They’ll typically drop it and I just don’t reschedule them.
but 2 in particular come to mind as actually creepy one started grabbing my leg (they were kicked out immediately) and blocked from the sceduling system.
And the other was a typical client during the session but after wards they left a “care package” on my car. Nothing bad just snacks and a bunch of bible quotes. They messaged me later (business phone) and asked if I got it I told them that’s not appropriate they needed to stop, they asked why, I tried to explain that there are client/ therapist boundaries they said they’d rather be a friend then a client. And I was just done so I told them i wasn’t interested in being their friend and to find other therapist and blocked them.
Maybe it was a bit harsh but idk it just really weirded me out.

DMaddsRads Report

I was working at a hotel when a colleague took a room service meal up to a room.

She came back and said there were drunk bikies (Motorcycle gang members) in there and they made her feel really uncomfortable.

They called 10 minutes later and ordered more food, laughing and acting weird on the phone.

I insisted I’d take it up this time.

I took the food up, entered the room full of men who were annoyed it was me and asked “where’s the pretty girl”?

I just said she’d knocked off.

As I put the food down, in the reflection of the window, one of them was naked behind the door.

I don’t know for sure what would have happened, but I told my manager and they sent her home straight away.

I still get chills to this day to think what could have happened to her.

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Worked for a short period of time processing refunds for a company, part of which involved following up with clients to confirm details and to ask all sorts of questions to see if they had done their due diligence and harassed the other companies involved that could potentially give them money. Basically I was the a*****e that you had to fight with to get your money.

One day I had to call a woman who we owed substantially and had owed for a while. She fell through the cracks or was passed around, I’m not sure. I called the number on file and asked if I was speaking to Mrs Jane Doe, she confirmed. Banking information, address, date of the encounter, etc. Everything comes out dandy. At first she was upset over having been waiting for so long for her money to be returned to her account, but soon she was joking and laughing about how all of her refund would be going to buy treats for her spoiled Labrador. I quickly figured out she’d really dotted her I’s and crossed her T’s, so we could move forward. I thanked her for her time and gave an estimate of when she can expect the money. I even tried to do what I could to expedite it.

I got home that night and there was news coverage about a house fire. After a bit of digging in articles I found that it was the house of the woman I spoke to not even four hours before, an electrical issue. It was the most damn surreal feeling. She was older. Didn’t have any other contacts on her file. Gives me shivers to wonder if I was the last person she spoke with, and to wonder if maybe she’d have updated her wiring if she had her money given to her on time.

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I work as a therapist. I was working in a substance abuse clinic in the early 2010s and had only been licensed a few years. There was a colleague of mine I went thru my master program with who I was in my supervison group with (required for your first 2 years being a masters level clinician in my state) who got me the job there.

We found out he had gotten fired on a Friday. WE were all in shock, clients included, because he was fired with cause. Then on Monday I was having session with one of my clients who said “I know why, because he was dating my daughter”… who was one of HIS clients.

Turns out, when I reported it to my supervisor, this allegation from my client became #5 in a case we had to report to the state. He was having s*x with a few of his clients, and in other cases threatening to withhold take home privileges for medication if thru did not. We had other clients who would not go on record with the state say he made s*xual advances on them while in session, including trying to touch their legs, in his office on site…

This was all happening right down the hallway from me.

Fortunately, the state licensing board had a review, found the allegations substantial to revoke his license, then turn the case over to state police who charged and convicted him with 4th Degree Criminal S*xual Assault.

He’s did his time and has tried to keep working in the field as an unlicensed “consultant” or something. But gas gotten in further trouble with the State for misrepresenting himself.

*On that note, 2 things

1. All of this is now in the public record in my state, I don’t want to disclose where as he already tried intimidating us when I told others in my field what was going on

2. If you ever see a therapist, always make sure they are licensed, and look them up. Your state should have a database where you can search someone and see if their license is active or if there have been any complaints. A good therapist will make that info accessible *

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