41 important historical photos and images that may change how you see humanity, as shared on this online page.

Finally, we asked Myrmekochoria to drop some historical knowledge that he thinks people should consider, or at least know about, and he had this to say:

“I’m not a historian by any means, so, perhaps, I’m punching above my weight here. But I’d like to say two things: one objective and one personal.


“First, the purpose: The path to our modern life begins in the 17th century, after the Thirty Years’ War. Europe, after a brutal religious war, finally begins to turn away from religious dogmas and the two ‘Catholicisms’. The divisions’ eventually accept each other, but intellectuals look the other way after the Peace of Westphalia. Turmoil ensues and the Age of Enlightenment slowly begins, bringing technological miracles that change our way of life, our governments. , will forever change worldviews and so on.

“The French encyclopedia, for the first time, offers people in Europe an alternative view of reality to the Bible. Governments turn into absolute monarchies focused on technology, conquest, finance and growth. Firearms, trains, modern chemistry, by Louis Pasteur Critical studies, architecture, judicial systems in the spirit of Montesquieu, and the birth of modern nations in the spring of the 19th century (most of which were simply class systems). See, like Japan in the Meiji Restoration or South American countries—it has become a good and tried method of reforming a country with all its faults and vices.”

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