40 Weird Traditions Around the World That Might Make You Go “Wait, What?”

In this world full of wonder, with so many cultures and religions to learn about, it’s no wonder that some things that are normal to us can seem very strange to others. With the invention of the internet and the ability to see what people celebrate in small corners of the world, strange traditions are discovered and even adopted very easily. The best example is American traditions, which, thanks to their long history of immigration, are the result of the intermingling of cultures and religions. Halloween? One of many national traditions adopted by the American people. One might wonder what traditions that seem strange are important to those who observe them.

Traditions that we think of as strange usually come from a background rich in backstory from two sources – culture or religion. That’s what cultural traditions and customs are – practices and aspects that are passed down to people through their parents, relatives and friends. No matter how strange they may seem, strange customs are the basis of a culture’s history. A reminder of the beautiful past and what makes them unique. Sometimes, a new tradition can be started and become a national ritual when its importance is recognized by a large section of the public.


With one of the biggest traditions of the year, Christmas, approaching us on the calendar, it may be important to catch up on some of the weirdest traditions around the world. With the list below, take a look at the world around you and see what people celebrate because of their interest in these traditions. Vote up the ones you think are weird and mean, and comment below on the ones you might celebrate too!

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