40 of the Most Questionable Handmade Items People Asked “DIY WHY” (New Photos)

To get good at something (anything, really), you need to constantly challenge yourself. There is no way around it. But these challenges must also be justified. You don’t want to put yourself into something big too soon. Especially on crafts. Otherwise, you may end up getting featured on subreddit r/DiWHY,

“Ever tried to fix things on your own? Didn’t they turn out the way they were supposed to? Have you been standing there questioning your whole life?” The online community asks in its ‘About’ page. If so, they are inviting you to post the results for all to see. But if you see someone else’s own effort that shouldn’t have seen the light of day, you’re welcome to share it on r/DiWHY as well.


This is the place for sh***y projects. The ultimate proof that “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

upon us bored panda Already covered the subreddit Here And Here, but its 1.7 million members keep on distributing, so we have to stay tuned!


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