37 times people on Tumblr taught history better than school ever could.

You may hear people claim that children need the internet to read and learn new things. And that is absolutely true. But most of them were probably referring to reading academic journals and academic articles etc.

The Internet has its own way of approaching education, and that’s through things like this. Today I learned on YouTube channels. V. Mother-in-law And CGP Greyand, my personal favorite, Tumblr.


Yes, the microblogging social medium hosts, among many other things, some of the best written narratives and educational narratives, be it about birds or dragons or restaurants as mafia fronts. .

So, in light of this, we bring you some of the best moments in Tumblr history about world history, historical figures, facts and everything else that has happened on our beloved planet over the years.

Scroll down to see different submissions, learn something, and don’t forget to hit the upvote button on the submissions you enjoyed the most. And why not comment! Commenting is good for the soul.



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