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Kirstie Alley exclusively open to Us weekly about 25 things you might not have known about her in February 2020 and she was hiding absolutely nothing. At the time she spoke of her adoration Justin Bieberher biggest pet blisters and why she turned down plastic surgery.

In December 2022, her family confirmed that she had died at the age of 71 after battling c*ncer. John Travoltaher old friend and Look who’s talking co-star, wrote her a sweet tribute at the time.


“Kirsty had one of the most special relationships I have ever had. I love you Kirsty,” he wrote on Instagram. “I know we’ll see each other again.

Read on to find out more about your favorite To your health alum.

1. I feel sick if I eat black-eyed peas.


2. I will only fly if I have a window seat.


3. But I’m terrified when clouds surround the plane and I can’t see outside, so I [usually] go to the toilet and cry.

4. People who chew with their mouths open most of all annoy me.


5. I will not date men who are not married by 45. They are always perverts.

6. My favorite artists are John Singer Sargent, Edouard Manet and Mark Rothko. I can’t afford [their paintings]that’s why I go to museums.

7. I feel lost without eyeliner.

8. I create lives when I’m bored. In my secret fake life, I’m 20 years old and married to Justin Bieber. We live on a farm, I’m skinny, with C-sized breasts, and we’re skinny dipping in our privately converted limestone quarry.


9. I think the word “sh*t” is disgusting, but I think the word “f—k” is fine.

10. Obviously I can’t see if the car radio is too loud, so I yell, “Turn off the radio or I’ll crash!”


11. I go crazy if I don’t sleep at 4 am.

12. My favorite Aunt Sadie candles are lemonade or lilac.

13. Saltwater crocodiles terrify me and I have nightmares about them.

14. I wear very expensive shoes and carry cheap bags.

15. I don’t like talking on the phone – I’d rather write. And I refuse email. I don’t like being available 24/7.

16. People who stand too close to me when they talk make me want to hit them.

17. I feel humiliated when I run out of Halloween candy to give away.

18. I think a lot about God and we have a good relationship.

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19. I feel sad for people with depression or anxiety who are given medication instead of real solutions and help.

20. I don’t want to watch horror movies. Movie Get out made me feel like I was dying for a month.

21. I would like to be a vegetarian. These are steaks that I still can’t refuse.

22. My sheets should be cotton without wrinkles. My pillowcases need to be ironed, as do my kitchen towels. I love petting them while I watch TV.

23. I feel normal when loved ones visit me after d*ath. I think they visit because it doesn’t scare me.

24. Most plastic surgery gives me goosebumps, looks disgusting and confusing. I’ve only seen one perfect facelift, so I was going to make an appointment with this doctor, but he died two days before I called. Omen?

25. I’d rather take a look 20/20 than to f*ck.


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