25 Reasons Why Sasuke And Sakura’s Relationship Didn’t Make Sense In Naruto

One of the most famous and frequently referenced scenes from the original Naruto series is the night of Sasuke’s escape from Konoha. Suspecting that he will try to leave, Sakura waits at the village gate in case he shows up, and when he does, she pours her heart out to him. She lists just about every possible reason why Sasuke should stay, including her own loneliness and the futility of revenge, but when all else fails, she begs him to take her with him.


It may sound innocent enough, but walking out of that gate with Sasuke would mean fleeing Konoha, losing ninja status, and abandoning family and friends. She will be wanted and there will be a price on her head, and even the Anbu will come after her. It’s extreme and an expression of deep devotion, and Sasuke simply retorts it with the same old line, “You’re really annoying.”

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