23 Times Scandal Costs Celebrity Partnerships With Big Name Brands

Now, getting fired from an organization or dropped by a brand is very bad for one’s reputation. Dropped from the high school basketball team? Bad. Kicked out of a D&D game group you created? even worse. While both of these can only affect your inner ego and self-esteem, celebrities who are dropped by brands lose a portion of their income. Not that they’re going to go to bed hungry any time soon, but when a brand agrees that what you’re doing is wrong, they’re saying you’re not a good rep. With so many bad celebrity endorsements for brands to watch and evaluate, it’s important to understand what pushes a popular brand to drop a fan favorite.

A brand endorsement can be thought of as a temporary joke. When a joke lands, there is laughter. The same goes for brands. When a celebrity does it right, great, more money, but when a celebrity endorsement fails, it feels like a complete meltdown because the brand has a massive disaster on its hands. tries to Celebrities who lose the endorsement of brands usually do something crazy that they think is perfectly fine. But hey, can’t handle my words, don’t be a celebrity. Bad celebrity endorsements usually result in immediate brand abandonment.


With the ongoing disaster that is the Kanye West scandal with Adidas, you may be interested in how other celebrities managed to burn a portion of their earnings. Now, not every brand did the right thing except for a celebrity, some did it for the pure fact that they wanted to make more money. Scroll down to see the many celebrities who were dropped by popular brands for various reasons. Vote for the brands that did the right thing and wisely. Comment below if you think a brand could have handled it differently.

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