22 Valentines Day Horror Movies That Will Make You Afraid

Will you be my scary valentine?

Nothing gets the blood pumping through the primary organ of your circulatory system quite like Valentines Day!


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Note: These are movies that have V-Day themes or feel appropriate for a “day for the celebration of love and affection”.

Here is a list of horror movies to stream for V-Day:


After a sex game goes wrong, a woman is framed in bed handcuffed.

Available to watch: Netflix


After having sex, a college student is pursued by a supernatural entity, destined to kill her.

Available to watch: Netflix

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Guillermo del Toro presents a grand romantic horror story about a young woman who deals with the terror inside a Victorian mansion.

Available to watch: Netflix

Paramount Pictures

A killer miner goes after a group of friends on Valentine’s Day. Premiere Valentines Day Horror Flick!

Available to watch: Hulu

Universal Pictures

Great work by Jordan Peele. A young black man discovers dark secrets about his girlfriend’s family.

Available to watch: Amazon Prime

sandrew metronome

A rogue boy befriends a strange girl in a Swedish romantic horror film.

Available to watch: Hulu, Amazon Prime and Tubi

Universal Pictures

A sequel to the popular original, it follows the same Groundhog Day style but on V-Day!

Available to watch: Amazon Prime


Two spicy co-workers find themselves trapped in an elevator but it takes a terrifying turn.

Available to watch: Hulu


one more in the dark The segment featuring a pop singer at the center of a horror story. what could go wrong?

Available to watch: Hulu


A remake of the classic, but this time with Dean Winchester himself, Jensen Ackles.

Available to watch: HBO Max, Hulu and Amazon Prime

Summit Entertainment

In “Romeo and Juliet” for zombie-movie lovers, a zombie falls in love with a girl.

Available to watch: HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime

bef film distributor

This Australian film follows the disappearance of a party of schoolgirls.

Available to watch: HBO Max and Hulu

magnolia pictures

The honeymoon of the newlyweds takes a dark turn.

Available to watch: Amazon Prime and Tubi

maple pictures

Follow a man in a radio station as he feels like a zombie apocalypse.

Available to watch: Amazon Prime

first look studio

A reprise of the Hook Man urban legend, as well as the acting debut of Anna Faris.

Available to watch: Amazon Prime

Oscilloscope Laboratories

Didn’t have any clue until researching about this movie coming out in 2016! This is a good nod to 1960s horrors and has officially been added to my watch list just for that.

Available to watch: Pluto TV and Vudu

Cannon Film Distributor

also known as X-ray, this slasher features an assassin as a surgeon. Oh!

Available to watch: Amazon Prime, Paramount+, and Tubi

Warner Bros. Pictures

On Valentine’s Day, women are chased wearing masks. A unique slasher featuring a bow-wielding assassin.

Available to watch: Amazon Prime

orion pictures

What is recognized as one of the greatest psychological horror movies of all time is worth watching, released on Valentines Day.

Available to watch: Amazon Prime, Pluto TV, and Tubi

Columbia Pictures

“What If Your Neighbor Was A Vampire” Movie! It is actually best known for the “Date Night” horror movie.

Available to watch: Amazon Prime

Warner Bros.

No spoilers here, but this is one of the better segments of the 1972 film.

Available to watch: Tubi

Universal Pictures

Ol’ Chuck finds some company in this installment of the slasher franchise children’s play,

Available to watch: Peacock

Which is your favorite Valentine’s Day horror flick? comment below!


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