19 Photos of Foxes in Winter Wonderland I Took (New Photos)

When I started my red and white mission years ago, red foxes in the snow were not the most logical subject of choice… snow, in my country, is a kind of… curiosity. There may be some days of snow in the winter, but years can go by completely without snow.

People make guesses, guesses and bets. “Will, is it…?” A sled, a pair of skates and some coarse tablecloths are bought. just in case. The whole country is buzzing with excitement, waiting to see what may or may not come.


Then, the weather forecasters finally speak the magic words and a wave of excitement sweeps across the country.

As the whole world sinks into emptiness and the sound of my shutters echoing through the continuously falling snow, a red fox suddenly appears on stage. She decorates my white canvas so well. I’ve never been happier with a little touch of red in my color palette.

Scroll down for some winter photos to get you in the mood! Below, you’ll also find some answers to questions about photographing foxes in the snow.

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