18 directors who have never made a bad movie

Winner of six Academy Awards and an inspiration to the likes of Cameron CroweFew directors have ever been as versatile and talented across genres as Wilder, writer and/or director of such diverse classics as the romantic comedy The Apartment, the tense military paranoia, the drama Stalag 17, the classic film noir Double Indemnity. and the Hollywood commentary “Sunset Boulevard”.


Through it all, Billy Wilder had a masterful directing career that spanned half a century, and a career as a screenwriter that stretched even further. Wilder wrote over 80 films during his lifetime, making him one of Hollywood’s most legendary screenwriters. Even though his directing work has not been as stunningly prolific, he has still been at the helm of nearly 30 films. Not every one of his films completely blown socks off. Critics of Rotten Tomatoesbut they have all been winners to some degree, and many of them are timeless classics.

Wilder made his first film, Bad Seed, in his early days, and directed his last film, Buddy Buddy, in 1981. The cinematic landscape changed dramatically and repeatedly throughout his active period, and Wilder managed to change over time. , stay relevant and continue to produce quality films. While some of his films can be considered minor works, many of his others are all-time greats, including Sabrina, Ace in the Hole, Lost Weekend and Some Like It Hot. Making even one film of this quality would be the pinnacle of a career for most filmmakers; Wilder has done this repeatedly over the decades.


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