16 Amazing Olivia Rodrigo Moments From 2021

You know that song about a girl getting her driver’s license and her heart broken that you heard on loop for three months in a row?? Well, if you’ve been living under a rock, that song is called “Drivers License” by the one and only Olivia Rodrigo.

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That one song was enough to propel him to stardom overnight, and it was literally the beginning of a massive 2021 release. Here are 16 of his biggest moments from this year:



Speaking of “drivers license,” Rodrigo dropped the song just eight days into the new year, and it really made the world stop. it broke many massive Record, being the first song in Spotify history to hit 80 million streams in seven days.

Also, the “drivers license” secured Rodrigo first with his billboard hot 100 When the song debuted at number one, she became the youngest solo artist to debut at number one – where she stayed for eight weeks.



his first album, Tart taste, came out earlier this year and definitely broke record after record.

Not only was she nominated for seven awards, but she is now second youngest artist, behind Billie Eilish, to receive nominations in all four main categories – Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist.

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President Joe Biden invited him to speak here white House To promote and encourage young Americans to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.


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During a behind-the-scenes video from her time in the White House, Olivia opened up about why young Americans should be vaccinated despite not being at greater risk.


she was the musical guest saturday night live debuted in May and performed their two biggest singles – “Driver’s License” and “Good 4 U”.


She announced her first tour, which will begin next year and currently has 48 shows scheduled in the United States, Canada and Europe.


Sour tour is finally happening!!! @gracieabrams @HolHumberstone and @babyqueen with angels!! ON SALE FRIDAY!!!!💗🎸💜🌈

@oliviarodrigo/twitter/via Twitter: @oliviarodrigo


She performed her first concert at the Las Vegas iHeartRadio Festival and totally rocked the house!

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She received praise from some of the industry’s biggest names for the success of her album, including her eventual role model, Taylor Swift.

When “Drivers License” Came Out And Was Charting With Taylor Swift’s Deluxe Evermore track, Swift gave Rodrigo some sweet words of encouragement.


Dimitrios Kamboris/JMInternational

She commented on Olivia’s Instagram post about the success of her song, saying, “I say it’s my baby, and I’m really proud.”

The conversation was even more heartwarming as fans quickly noticed that this phrase is one that Swift’s mother often uses. said Him.


She attended her first Met Gala and looked absolutely stunning while doing so.

John Lamparski / GC Images

While doing her “Get Ready” video with Vogue, she talked about her outfit for the night and how she loved the look.

“I think it’s really funny that I didn’t wear a dress on our first meeting,” she Having said, “I think it looks so rock and roll, yet so sophisticated.”

She wore a punk-glam-inspired “cat suit” from Saint Laurent for her look.

Arturo Holmes / Getty Images

“I’m a big fan of Saint Laurent. I think their clothes are so punk-rock yet feminine, and that’s something I always try to achieve in my style and everyday life,” She said While she was getting ready for the big day. “I think they do it so well, and I always feel like they’re pushing boundaries and doing really cool things. I feel really lucky to be wearing them to my first meeting. Is.”

1 1

This year, she has won several awards, including an American Music Award, two People’s Choice Awards, and three Video Music Awards.

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Speaking of awards and accolades, Olivia was recently named Variety’s Songwriter of the Year.

Matt Winkelmeier / Getty Images for Variety


him 2021. was also named time Entertainer of the Year, at just 18 years old.

during his interview with timeIn this article, she talked about her musical influences and what being a woman in the industry has been like for her so far.

Time for Kelia Anne / Via

“Young women are constantly compared to each other. I’m the ‘new this’ or ‘this woman meets that woman,’ and that can be reductive,” she said. “I’m just Olivia. I’m doing my own thing. It’s worthwhile when people recognize that.”


She performed at the VMAs for the first time and of course, SMASHED IT!!!

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she was on the cover of Rolling stone Magazine with music legend Alanis Morissette.

during the interview Rolling stone, the theme of heartbreak was mentioned, given that both Olivia and Alanis wrote their first album about that universal experience.

Rolling Stone / Via

When asked why he thinks the experience is so universal and connects deeply with fans, he doubted that it is because heartbreak is the deepest feeling of human beings.

“I’ve never felt as deeply sad as I did when I was really, really heartbroken and devastated. Taking out the ‘drivers license’ was such a unique experience because I’ve lived such a strange life.” Jiya hai. I grew up on set. And didn’t go to school like everyone else. I was like, ‘Are my songs going to be relatable?'” she Having said, “And when I took out ‘drivers license,’ I saw it affect so many people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender or age. It was so magical to me, not just to see how much that feeling.” It was universal, but it was also how magical music can be, and it can take you back to a specific time.”


Finally, in an effort to celebrate the release of Tart taste, hosted by Olivia a Tart taste prom live-concert event, The event was also a way for fans to have an all-inclusive high school prom experience, especially for those like her who didn’t get one.

Kimberly Stuckwish and Toby L. / Geffen / Interscope

Since Olivia was homeschooled and didn’t have “traditional” high school experience, she never had to go to prom, much like high school students during the COVID-19 pandemic who couldn’t even make a prom .

Toby L., one of the film’s directors, spoke to Billboard about the experience and why it was so important for Olivia to do so.

“Olivia still wanted to part her own way,” he said. “We and Olivia really wanted to make sure it wasn’t like the typical prom or high school story.”

Well, there you have it! Of course, these are only 16 of her biggest moments, but if I listed them all, this post would probably never end because she’s had such a great year! So I can’t wait to see how big she has planned for 2022!

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