15 great modern movies shot in black and white

Twenty-Four-Seven by Shane Meadows is a very special sports drama. Instead of a touching story about how one person or a team beats the odds, there is a simple story about life-weary former boxer Alan Darcy (Bob Hoskins) who seeks to help kids get off the streets and enter the ring to build self-esteem, confidence and a positive attitude. . “Twenty-Four Seven” is about the aggression of disgruntled young people who grew up in a dysfunctional and claustrophobic environment, and its black-and-white footage perfectly captures the boredom of many working-class areas of Britain in the 90s. It is a colorless world where, due to a lack of purpose and drive, an entire generation struggles to get out of bed and fight for opportunities in life.


Hoskins’ character opens a gym and teaches kids how to stand their ground and win respect in a world that doesn’t want them to succeed. It’s brutal and tough stuff, and Meadows doesn’t take the hits in his feature film debut. AT 1998 interview, Meadows attributes the success to his short film “Where’s the money, Ronnie?” as the reason why the producers of Twenty-Four-Seven trusted him enough to make a successful full-length black-and-white film. “Twenty-Four Seven” ends in tragedy, but before that happens, it sows seeds of hope, saying that when the world defines you as “nobody”, you must be somebody.

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