140 important historical photos that may change your perspective on things, as shared by this Facebook page.

When thinking about the past, it feels like an unreal reality that can be harder to imagine than the future. But looking at photos from the 1800s and 1900s is even weirder because it’s actual evidence of it happening. And more importantly, people’s lives don’t seem boring or boring. On the contrary, they look dangerous, strange, fun, and simply put – fun to my futuristic human eyes. I’m sure, if these people had the internet back then, we would have been greeted with standard memes from the past. So, after all, we are not just different with other possibilities.

But I don’t want to romanticize old times. They had pretty strict legislation, and it wasn’t easy if you didn’t fit into the ideology of the time. And although we have our own challenges today, I’d rather be in the here and now. Although it’s interesting to see what the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower looked like when they were still under construction, as well as simple things, like people’s fashion, their lazy Sunday afternoons, and even dogs doing chores. .


Thanks to the Facebook pageOld photos‘ keeps us posted about the past, and today we’d like to invite you to check out part 2 of these vintage photos. Feel free to check out Part 1 here, and for more, you can also visit our posts on important historical photos and vintage photos. in real life.

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